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  1. Anyone played Bear Mountain Ranch or Desert Canyon lately?
  2. Anyone else up in this neck of the world? I live in Minneapolis and travel this area all the time. Would be fun to play with some fellow WRX members.
  3. Thanks everyone. I’ve been helping a little, but she mostly just likes pounding balls. I have a mat and some plastic balls in the backyard
  4. Hey everyone. My oldest daughter, 8, is showing real interest in playing. We’re currently just going to the range and a local pitch/putt course that’s associated with the First Tee. I’m looking for tips or drills or anything that will help her with her swing. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the replies. I’ll schedule one
  6. Worth it? What do they consist of?
  7. So what do you prefer? I travel for work and typically just play alone. Sometimes I’ll catch a group and play with them.
  8. Well what kind of WRX’er would I be if I didn’t want to change drivers before I’ve even used it in a round?!
  9. I picked up the LST last fall. Went through a full fitting and it won by far. I was only able to get a couple range sessions in, then winter came.. it’s now been almost 5 months since I’ve hit it. Now spring is getting close, and because it’s what we do, I’m wondering if I need to try something else this spring. How’s the LST compare to the M3? The Rogue? The Ping MAX?
  10. How big of a mat do you recommend to practice over the winter inside? I currently have a cheap one that is about 6ft long.
  11. Well I’m going in tomorrow. Probably not going to do the full Gears fitting. Not sure it’s worth the $125 when the other is free with purchase
  12. If I wait until then I’ll never do it
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