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  1. Brand New, still have plastic on it. I just received it from Taylormade as a replacement and sticking with my current gamer. Includes headcover and tool. $375 SOLD SOLD SOLD
  2. So hard to tell from the angle, a bigger backswing can definitely generate more clubhead speed as long as you can get the arms moving in the downswing.
  3. If you are struggling building pressure into the trailside, make sure you are getting into left tilt and getting some hip tilt (right hip getting higher). I struggled with building the pressure, I wouldjust keep turning, but no pressure was getting built into the right leg/glute. You need to have the pressure built to be able to "fall" on to your left side and active your glutes to keep the right side stable.
  4. Usually your path stays pretty consistent, its the club face that is causes most of the issues. However, the club path can be the root of the club face issue. I would get out a 7 iron and start hitting it 100 yards, note the divot location and start working your way from there.
  5. I have a full size mirror from a sliding closet door, works great.
  6. Putting is all about confidence, put yourself in situations to make your stroke as uncomfortable as possible, then forget the mechanics (or have 1 putting thought) and roll it into the hole. It is not an athletic endeavor, its feel with a sound setup and aiming the putter where you intend to start the ball.
  7. > @bogeypro said: > > @pusb365 said: > > Well this has improved my swing massively already. > > > > I have done some slow mo stuff at home with no ball, then half an hour with it on the range, followed by a couple of hours with it today. So barely any time really but it's already had a big effect on me. > > > > The main reason I bought it was to fix my inside take away. I've had it my whole golfing life and never been able to get rid of it. I've had a few lessons where the pro has fixed it temporarily in the lesson, but as soon as I went to the r
  8. So at the top of backswing, your arms do move a little to the right of your chest. I understand the arm swing illusion and while the arms move mostly up and down in the swing, there is a little bit of side to side movement. So on the downswing, if you just pin your arm and rotated, you would have a heck of a time ever getting your arms to your front thigh and you will also be limited by the amount of speed by how fast you turned. In the downswing, after you regain flexion, the arms do need to work back across the chest a bit to get the handle forward. Monte's left arm off the chest or hi
  9. > @"rich s" said: > i am no expert by any stretch so wait for Dan or Monte but it looks like you are behind a bit and the face is slightly open so your brain flips so you don't push it to the right. I agree the face is straight up and down and too inside his hands at p6, needs to be a little more closed and hands/club more out.
  10. The golf swing is really a blend of steep and shallows. Everyone shallows the club in one way or another, but many of us shallow by either goat humping or releasing the club early. Monte's move above is great, but you have to blend it was a steepening move or your will miss the ball if you are used to casting. The complementary move is to steepen the body with a left crunch or return to flexion. The tough part is you are going to hit a bunch of bad shots while trying to figure this out. I have found I could do one or the other really well, but hard to combine them until I really wo
  11. Not a swing guru, but it looks like your a little bit stuck on the downswing, necessitating throwing the club out early to be able to hit the ball. I would fix the takeaway, get the club working a bit steeper on the way up and feel like the right arm stays straighter (don't allow it to bend as much which will keep you wider, and the club a little more in front of your chest). You don't overswing, but your might try early wrist hinge to achieve the effect of the club getting more vertical in the backswing. You do shallow the club nicely, just looks like their is no room to get to the b
  12. It most likely become a swing trigger, move the focus somewhere else.
  13. This is my #1 swing fault, spinning the hips and leaving the arms behind (feels powerful, but can't get the handle forward and face control problems). The actual sequence should be a lateral move first and not a rotational. The lateral move involves trying to stay in left tilt and start to regain flexion, the front knee will gain more flex, and the right hip has to keep its depth. A couple keys things that really help me calm this impulse 1. You need to get pressure early into trail foot and feel like the trail foot is always turning clockwise, especially when you make the shift l
  14. > @ppjn348 said: > > @jkbroker said: > > You are swaying off the ball and making too flat of a shoulder turn. You need to fix the setup and backswing issues first, EE is just a reaction, need to fix the causes to correct it. > > > You mentioned setup. What points need work? I would probably give myself a little more room like Monte mentioned, I believe your actual posture is ok. It is hard to do, but don't worry about the downswing so much until you can really groove a good backswing. A backswing is not so much as style, is as substance. I always thought
  15. I think you are the right track, just need to cleanup a few things. It could be the angle, but it appears you roll the club inside and then route it up with an arm lift with a flatter shoulder turn, an inside move like that will usually cause the club to want to work over or steeper in transition. You need to get the club working more vertically on backswing, get the wrists set, and then get arms working down and out before you really fire through the turn. The latter problem is something I struggle with, the arms must get back in front of the body before a large rotational forces is ap
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