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  1. What is your current gamer putter? Cameron IBBF How can Cleveland's SOFT face technology help your putting? Interested in the distance control aspects, especially with the higher MOI version What is your favorite Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter? 11 (35”) If you win, do you agree to write a review on Cleveland's website? Yes
  2. I haven’t been around much lately but I also agree with improved search capabilities.
  3. I have two Masters size 4T polos. The light blue striped is performance favrix and the blue with Masters logos is cotton. $15/each or $25 for both. Prices shipped and Paypal
  4. They are both impressive, but going 65 low is tough regardless of age. I think (no proof) there are probably more good in their younger year 85 year olds that can stay in the 85 range.
  5. I agree with letting him choose. My youngest son (6 years old) is right handed but has always swung baseball bats and golf clubs left handed. He can switch hit in baseball and make contact but not nearly the fluidity or power. I haven’t had him swing a golf club right handed recently to know what that looks like.
  6. Any ideas on what course this logo is from? We picked up this shirt at a consignment store for my son.
  7. My son is having his first lesson this Bill Murchison in Woodstock on Saturday. He is listed as a US Kids Top 50 instructor.
  8. He played his sophomore year, but hasn’t played much since that year. He was 1st team All Big 12 that year and made some All American teams. I certainly don’t know any details on his play since then, but I find it hard to believe the coach isn’t putting his best lineup on the course.
  9. Shane Bacon deserves to be on shows like this for the rest of his life. That guy is awful and so is this show. I like Bacon’s podcast. He has nothing to work with on this show.
  10. Looking for instructor recommendations in Metro Atlanta for my 10 year old.
  11. If I'm looking at Super Speed system for my 10 year old, should I go with the All Star version (listed to age 11) or the junior version (12 to 15 y/o)? 0
  12. Interested in picking up for my 10 year old. Should I go with the peewee version (listed to age 11) or the junior version (12 to 15 y/o)?
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