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  1. The best is my 816 Alpha DBD, and a Cleveland XL Custom. Worse was an RBZ. It sounded like glass breaking. We were hitting some 917 drivers the other day, and everyone around ( us too) was complaining about the metallic clank it had.
  2. This is what my Son uses. He has driver speed of 116+. It seems his has a Diamana D+ shaft in it. Fairway or teebox, it's great. Myself, a 2014 Big Bertha works. I can't hit it wrong, fairway or tee. My Son is looking at the new Rogue series woods and driver.
  3. For bump and run-8 iron, 9, & pw. Most of my chips are with my 50°, and it rolls out a little. If I want it to check quickly, the 53°. My 57° lob\sand is for sand only, or to clear a tall obstacle.
  4. Maybe he'll get help. He can join a support group. "Hi my name is _________, and I'm a slow play golfer. You can always join a match up group. ??????? You don't have to be lonely at Golfersonly.com!!! ??????
  5. I have a 106 mph driver swing speed. A few years ago switched to a Matrix Red Tie x flex in driver. Nice mid-launch and carry, some roll out, and tighter dispersion. My average drive is about 260-270. Some people have told me that I don't need x flex. I'm sure the right fit with a stiff would work. Just don't have the time\money to experiment. My driver is an 816 Alpha DBD and it works for me.
  6. My Son has 718 T 3 iron that he bought just for driving. It's for 250 yards. It has a Kur Kage graphite shaft in it. It's so easy for him to hit, that sometimes he uses it in the fairway. He said it has a cushion feel, but still very firm. He has x flex in everything.
  7. A matrix white tie , or a Grafalloy prolaunch blue would give higher trajectory. White tie is around $50, and the PL blue is about $30.
  8. My Son is playing a 16° aplha 815, and an Alpha 815 strong 3 set at 13°. He hits both of the tee or fairway.
  9. I've always played 'players clubs'. Mizuno JPX 800 Pro, Ping S59, etc. Last summer I bought some Ping i15 irons. This is the best clubs ever for me. Are the i15 shovels? They are kinda thick.
  10. Last summer my tee shot went into water. After getting it out, I thinned it over the water. Finally got up toward the green and pitched in for a bogey from 60 yards out. No green, just slammed it in and rattled the flag.
  11. I have a GBB Heavenwood. It has a UST mamiya x stiff shaft. This club is easy to hit and control. Works great for long par 3s, and approach shots from good grass.
  12. Last year I changed the shaft when the daytime temps were cold. This year the shaft I used when it was 90°-105°, seems too stiff. ( I'm not as flexible in the cold). When I have to wear more clothes and can't swing as good, the weaker flex seems to help. I'll be 53 years old in Feb.
  13. The first time back in mid-summer I used some epoxy that was around 2 years old. It had been kept in a building that gets hot in summer, and freezes in the winter. Thanks again for the good advice!! You guys arw the best!
  14. Thanks everyone!! I just got it and looked at it. The shaft wasn't loose. This time it was the screw on the adapter. I took it apart and blew it out. Apparently, a small blade of grass got in there the last time he adjusted the head.
  15. My Son has a high swing speed (122-125) on a launch monitor. He is hitting a Callaway driver. Since June, I've had to re-glue the adapter once, and the 2nd time I used a new shaft and adapter. Can anyone tell me why this could be happening? I've glued several of mine before, and for other people. Is it possible he is striking the ball off of the heel sometimes? Thanks
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