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    Need help..

    I have been playing this game for over 20 years. I used to play pretty good about 5 years in. Life and family put a hold on golf for a few years. Started playing again, bought some new equipment along the way. To the present-now 65, have all new equipment from driver to putter, was playing a 3 piece that is no longer available(Taylormade Aeroburner Pro), and since then been playing Callaway SS($23), with some degree of success. This past summer purchased a dozen Taylormade Tour Response($35), and approach shots are great, with the ball able to hop and stop on the green. The problem is I really don't play all that good as I once did, and I lose a few a round. But I "feel" like I play much better with the TM ball!! How do I justify the difference in cost, when I still lose a couple a round?
  2. That's what I think too. I do not care what the next golfer thinks about my equipment choices. I play Cally SS in matte green. They are easy to see in the rough, and your ball will never be mistaken. Also, Maxfli Softfli comes in matte colors, a little cheaper than Cally, just as good if you are just starting out. And DSG has deals on the Maxflis...
  3. I do not have a coventional iron in my bag. I have a driver, 3 wood, then it hybrids from 18* to 46*, then 2 wedges(CBX2's), putter. The hybrids at 18*and 21* are Snakes Eyes, then from 24* to 46* are a set from Gigagolf. I love playing these, as I just got them late last year(2020), so I am still in the honeymoon stage with them. Very easy to hit, no need to swing for the fences with these. The ball(Cally Supersoft matte green) gets up easily, and distances for me are the same as when I had Cally X-20's in the bag. I am a senior at 64, with an 80 mph swing speed, never really hit irons all that well. These are somewhat comforting to swing, and I'm keeping the ball in play a lot more. The looks I get from the younger players I sometimes get paired with is off the charts, until the see me launch one from the rough, and land it on the green. They say "Man, play what works"! My scores are dropping every round, and golf is actually fun again. Gigagolf can be found online, and you have options when you order, and the set with a grip, and grip size of your choice, shaft length of your choosing, and shaft choice, was just over $300, and took a week to get from Florida. They look great, and could be from one of the big names, as far as quality of the clubs themselves. I will be playing these for quite some time...
  4. Have a 52, and 58 CBX2 wedges. Only played 2 rounds, and they feel so good! Need a little more practice for distance control, but it does not seem like it will take long to get the feel of these clubs down, and the rest will be left to my imagination. Getting the ball to hop and stop on the green will not be a chore with these wedges in my bag! Playing a matte finish ball really helps, as it seems like it sticks to these clubs just a little longer. Chips and pitches don't have to be scary! Get CBX2's!!
  5. I can get the headcovers for my Giga set, and they look like a slim fit, and the cost is reasonable. Want the holidays to pass, and will pull the trigger on the headcovers. Really can't wait for next season to get here!!
  6. Interesting answers to this question..I could have bought the wedge clubs(have pw hybrid), but wanted more versatility with my wedges, and went from 3 wedges (52,56,60), to 2 wedges, a 52 and a 58, CBX2's, and they are sweet. A lot of shots left to my imagination. In my bag I have driver, 3 wood, hybrids from 18 to 46 degrees, 2 wedges, and putter. The hybrids 18 and 21 are old Snake Eyes Vipers, and I love them. The rest of the set are Giga Golf hybrid "irons". Look just like hybrids and play great. Get the ball in the air, and on target. Was not so accurate with my Callaway X-20's. Good irons, just struggled with them. Looking to next season..
  7. When Callaway came out with the matte version of the Supersoft, its been great. In 2019 they did some kind of upgrade to the core, and with the matte finish, my wedges love this ball. I have an 80 mph swing speed, so these are perfect for me off the tee. I tried the Soft Feel matte, and did not like the feel off my driver, and I was losing distance. Tried the SS, and its now my gamer.
  8. drb1956

    CBX to ?

    I gotta tell you, if you can't chip with a CBX2 50* or 52* wedge, you need some serious help on that part of your game. I just recently upgraded to a 52* and a 58* CBX2 wedges, after playing Cleveland 900's at 52*, 56*, and 60* for like 12 years, and the CBX2 makes it so much easier, with great feel. Never tried Cally wedges. Always played Cleveland for wedges. Hopefully its not a between the ears part of the game, like the yips. Find a club(wedge) that you are really comfortable with, and you just gotta practice, and also find a pro (if your store where you buy clubs has one), and pick his brain. Get more than one opinion. Sorry, I am brand friendly with my wedges, but that is what they were originally known for. While you are searching, pick up another less expensive brand to try, you might be surprised. Its not always the name on the club. Just trying to help..
  9. Every club in my bag is for full swings, except for 52* and my 58* CBX2's. I can hit them full on when needed, otherwise I will be making it up as I go, soft pitches, easy chips and the like. Used to carry 52*, 56*, 60*. I think it make my short game better.
  10. I am not a low hdcp.(25), but I have been playing long enough(20+) to know that whatever you have in your bag has to make you feel confident when you pull a club out of the bag that you will make the shot needed. Been playing Cally X-20's for awhile(10), and just never really got comfortable with them. Ordered a full set(4-pw) of hybrids, sold my irons BEFORE they arrived, played 2 rounds with my new hybrids, and I see my game improving when next season rolls around. I already had 2 hybrids in my bag, and they always felt great, and always got the job done for me. I have been to instructors for swing tweaks, and they never ever said that I should look into GI irons. My biggest problem is I just don't play enough, as I only played 6 rounds this past season.
  11. As of this fall, I will be playing an all hybrid set(Giga Golf). No conventional irons in my bag, all hybrid irons. Driver, 3 wood, 18* to 46*(pw)hybrids. For me they really instill confidence, as I played irons, and was never really quite comfortable with them. Love the feel, and getting in the air is not a problem, and distance is about the same as my old irons, so learning distances is not a question. I don't think I am leaving anything on the table, as these can be played from all lies. Looking forward to a full season playing these..
  12. I carry driver(Ping g410 SFT), 3 wood(Cally Diablo Octane 15*), and hybrids from 18* to pw(46*). My entire set is hybrids, no conventional irons in my bag, as of this fall. Struggled with my irons(sold them before I got the hybrids), my hybrids are easy to hit, and instill confidence in every shot I make. I am a 20+ hdcp, but I have a feeling next year I will be playing to a lesser number. Put 2 new wedges (CBX2), 52*and 58* in my bag, with the latest tech and major forgiveness, pitches and chips are not so scary any more, no matter where I am making the shot from. The hybrids really look good at address, and feel great on full swings. Recent round (9 holes) I dropped 2 approaches(9 hy. at about 115-120 yds.) to within 6 ft. of the pin, and the rest were on the green within 20 ft., making about 1/3 the putts, and other putts were pin high about 2 ft. from the pin. Finished with a 44. My game is really looking up for next season.
  13. Callaway Diablo Octane 3 wood is the first 3 wood I could hit off the deck. Been in my bag since 2010...tall face, easy to swing. Must set up with ball in middle of stance, and swing like iron...most people top their woods off the deck because they set up the ball too far forward. It is NOT a driver swing!! Learned this long time ago...
  14. Cleveland Huntington Beach 11c soft. Nice milling-seems to get the ball rolling quicker, with no skidding.
  15. For the past 20 years, I have played what might be called a wide blade. It also has a brass insert, along with being "polar balanced". Couple of weeks ago, I bought a center shafted milled face mallet putter. Got Cleveland Huntington Beach 11c soft putter. The c is for center shafted, as you can get an HB 11 if center shafts aren't your style. The milling is quite nice to look at, with it being kind of a slightly raised swirled look to it. It is also "balanced for the straight back and through style of putting.Never had a center shafted putter, nor a mallet. Was looking for something to "frame" the ball at set up. This putter does just that! Now, to get it on the course before I wear out the area rug in the family room!
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