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  1. Completely legit. Don't let these other guys get you down. A hole-in-one is a single feat that does not involve the other holes, the length of the course, or how much other golf you played that day. Put it this way, if I tee'd off on the first hole of the day and made a hole-in-one, but had to leave the round suddenly after that hole for an emergency, you better believe it still 'counts'. The length of the entire course does not matter one bit.
  2. Interesting predicament. I use a plastic shag 'tube' that works well, and I can't see how it would damage a green. However, we have separate putting-only greens, and chipping/pitching greens for this very reason! Nobody putts on the chipping green, because it isn't as nice as the putting-only greens.
  3. Someone please post the answer!!! How can this type of swing be duplicated without doping up before a round?
  4. I'm really sorry to hear that. Sometimes walking away can be the best course of action, if not always the most satisfying immediately.
  5. [quote name='steve0' timestamp='1282534830' post='2656000'] stevestike, sounds like you took it the wrong way. if i played from the white tees often, I have no doubt that I would break 80. playing 7000 vs 6300. my point is that I wonder if others consider it a real sub 80 round unless it is from the tips. i was just wondering what other guys thought about it. i am not criticizing. [/quote] No, I was just busing your (golf) balls! It is really breaking 80, and you should do it from whatever tees you want. Just like the guy in the other thread that asked if he "really" got a hole-in-one
  6. [quote name='2bGood' timestamp='1282598791' post='2657421'] So now what? I am half tempted to just send back the extra cable with tracking, and as dense a ebay is they will refund me all the money, at that point I can credit back the amount I paid less the cost of the charger /postage due. Of course the seller will dispute this, but who know what will happen after that? [/quote] I would advise against this course of action. My $.02? Is it really worth pursing any further? You got the charger and the unit, I would just walk away, lesson learned. One of the pitfalls of internet (Ebay s
  7. [quote name='RH#1' timestamp='1282589526' post='2657069'] I don't know. I feel like the fact that it's a "practice" golf course cheapens the feat. I'm sure some haters are going to point out that fact. I just hope it's just the beginning of many. [/quote] My first time with with a "pro", and yes the fact that I paid for it does cheapen it quite a bit. Also, like yours, mine was the beginning of many! PS--In my mind, it "counts", but I would still want another one to back it up someday.
  8. You'll need a projector and screen for the visual, plus a net to hit into. That will put you back $1K right there, and we haven't even gotten into the actual simulator part. I think $2K might be a more realistic estimate for a low-end sim like that. If you were willing to forgo the big screen, and use a monitor or TV you already own the you might be in the ballpark.
  9. [quote name='steve0' timestamp='1282531368' post='2655879'] I am an avid golfer; still haven't broken 80 (shot 80 twice). I know that I will accomplish this feat soon, which is a major goal of mine. However, when I hear dudes talking about shooting rounds out 75, 77, etc but doing it from the closer tees, it doesn't seem the like the same accomplishment to me. If I play from the whites, it is almost a driver and wedge, or driver, 8 iron for me. [/quote] If it's that easy, go post a number big boy! Seriously though, you still have to make the shots. Is it easier? Yes, but you've never d
  10. I played one morning after getting some type of food-poisoning the night before. I killed the guys I was playing with because I felt like if I moved at more than a snails pace I would vomit all over the place. I am trying to figure out what is the key to "effortless power". Yesterday, I was having one of those round where I felt like I had to "force" everything. Swings were difficult and I wasn't getting much from the effort I was putting into each swing. Finally, I had a layup on a par 5 that I elected to take 6 iron. I put an easy swing on it and it exploded off the clubface. I clo
  11. BBGPS Golf is 'free' so you might as well try it (although I do suggest a donation to the guy who wrote it!) It's a somewhat technical install, so be prepared to work at it a little to get it running. However, it has some really cool stuff that the other programs don't such as: 1. You can edit the maps and add/change points as needed for the community. For example, I've added some key layup points to certain holes at a course I play regularly. You add the points online in a Google Maps interface--just drop them and label them! 2. You can store the maps on your SD card so no need for a
  12. Find another computer and try to sync with that. A laptop, or one at a friend's house. It is most likely something going on with your PC, and not the Neo itself unfortunately.
  13. I probably do something most people here don't, but we do get more than our fair share of humidity here in Houston and this seems to work pretty well for me. Frequently, if changing gloves during the round isn't helping enough, I'll simply wear my rain gloves--one or both of them depending on how slick the conditions are.
  14. I might be able to get out there too if you guys need/want more players.
  15. Yes, do a search and there's a quick thread with some comments I made about him. Not a bad guy at all, but Asleep turned me onto Brian Smith out at Wildcat and he has done wonders for me in just a few lessons over several months.
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