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  1. Why not just select the length you want in the drop down menu and order any length you want at + / - 2 inches?
  2. Several have asked about blending the 0211 ST with the 0211 DC. In my experience, this is not ideal due to the default shaft lengths, head size, offset and loft gapping. However, that hasn’t stopped me. I ended up minimizing these issues by ordering the ST’s 1/2” long and playing two 7 irons. Yes, what I’ve done is play the 5-7 0211 DC and the 7-G 0211 ST. It means I give up my 58* wedge. But, that works fine for me. Other days, I blend at the 8 iron if I’m not hitting as well as I want. Given all of that, I love the 0211 ST’s. They are soft when struck well, have
  3. PXG and Taylormade (maybe others too?) use individual serial numbers for each club. I know my Mizuno irons have a serial number for the set of irons.
  4. Here are some photos for comparison. All are 7 irons: This shows the 0211 ST on the left and 0211 DC on the right Top to bottom are: 2019 Taylormade P790 Mizuno MP20 HMB Mizuno MP18 MB PXG 0211 ST PXG 0211 DC Mizuno MP18 MB PXG 0211 ST PXG 0211 DC
  5. If you are not sure what you are wanting, I’d recommend the new PXG 0211 ST. They are “Ping Like” in their shape and relatively inexpensive at $129/club. I have found them to be very forgiving. I’ve mostly used Mizuno MP4, MP18, MP20. The ST isn’t as soft as the 4 or 20 (1025 vs. 8620 carbon steel). But they are very similar to the MP18 in feel but with a slightly longer head length and better in forgiveness.
  6. The ST is slightly firmer than Mizuno MP4 and MP20. They are softer than the MP18 but powerful like the MP18.
  7. Because I have 4 active sets I play and all 4 bags are lined up in my bedroom.
  8. Really good feel and great forgiveness. To me they feel a little firmer than Mizuno MP20, softer than Mizuno MP18, but powerful like the MP18. I have the 0211 DualCOR and 0211 ST. My head says DualCOR but man, the heart screams ST. Seriously, they are softer feeling than what I expected and more forgiving than any blade I’ve ever hit.
  9. Yep, $60 shipping and 11 days to arrive due to a 1 day delay by FedEx. I’m not thrilled about the shipping cost. But having had a set of clubs lost by USPS and another destroyed by UPS, I’ll pay the extra gladly to know they arrive as they should.
  10. DualCor is lasered on mine too. PXG told me that is their latest designation for the second generation 0211 because people were confusing the first version vs. the second vs the 0211 ST. That is the marketing name of their dual compound goo in the 0311 Gen 3 and now the 0211 Second generation.
  11. Just another option - don’t be afraid to have a go with the 0211 ST’s. They are far better than I expected and easier to hit than a mid handicap, old guy like me should play. I have both the 0211 DC and the ST’s in the MMT shafts. I also have a set of the P790’s in the MMT and it appears to me the PXG’s are a better match to that shaft than the Taylormade.
  12. I just my ST’s and played them yesterday. My only experience with blades are Mizuno MP4, MP5, MP18 and MP20. Of these, the MP18’s were my favorite. The 4’s and 20’s were buttery soft. The 18’s were not as soft, not harsh, but powerful if that makes sense. The ST’s are a slightly softer version of the MP18’s. I really like them. The thing I found most interesting is how forgiving they are compared to what I expected. I am really pleased with them. The head length is a little larger than the MP18. ‘’Hope that helps.
  13. This is all great news. With the reduced prices, I ordered a set of the 0211’s that I may end up giving to my father-in-law after I try them out. I also ordered a set of the 0211 ST’s for myself. At my age and skill level, I have no business playing these. But, I have a limited set of MP-18MB that I think are the best blades I’ve ever hit. I’m hoping these are just as nice. I probably won’t play them all the time. But, will when the mood strikes me.
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