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  1. I agree Amazon has set a level of expectation in shipping cost and delivery time. I’ve been waiting since early September for my 2021 P790’s to ship. Taylormade has now promised mid-December delivery. Because I’m an Eagle member, they will ship free. By the way, their cost has gone up to $214 per club (graphite). PXG Gen 3 irons go for $135 / club (graphite - MMT in both examples) and I received them in a week. Stupid me for paying the $60 shipping fee. In each buying decision, it’s an individual choice on the value proposition. For me, the $8.57 charge per club for shipping still made it a bargain. If that keeps you from buying them, I understand and accept that. Would it “look” better if PXG charged $143.57 per club and provided “Free Shipping”?
  2. The $249 / $129 price have been there for awhile. The one thing I know in tracking PXG prices is you never know when they will change. If they are at a price point that tips your value alert, go for it. I’ve not made a single purchase from them I’ve regretted.
  3. My 0211 ST at +0.5” shaft length with MMT 70 Regular flex and standard grip measure D0.
  4. I thought the same thing until I sent a set of irons off to a buyer. It cost me $39 at FedEx ground and it was my box, my packaging and me dropping them off at FedEx. So, $21 more and they do the work, pay an employee and cover loss or damage, I quit complaining. Now I just cringe. But at $75 to $135 per club, I guess I can accept it.
  5. If you are still thinking of the 0211 ST’s, PXG just lowered them for the Black Friday sale to $75 / club.
  6. I used to play MP-4, MP-18 and JPX 900T several years ago. I just lost too much with increasing age. I can still play the ST’s. Some of that is loft differences. I don’t play them in competition, but are great when a little less distance only costs me a couple bucks and maybe some bragging rights. The biggest difference I see in the ST’s is they are easier to hit and have better turf interaction for me than the Mizuno’s.
  7. Are you talking the DC’s? Because the ST’s don’t have a low spin (at least for me).
  8. Just posted at PXG: 0211 DC $75 / club 0211 ST $75 / club
  9. Some just posted 0211DC $75 / club 0211ST $75 / club
  10. Try: www.PXG.com Battle Ready putters $399 down to $289. The original post was from 2019. In general, PXG prices have dropped to the level that if you are interested, you’d be crazy not to try them now.
  11. In that regard and at my age, I’m fortunate in their graphite selection. Also, the MMT’s are a perfect fit. So, I get a premium shaft with no upgrade fees. On the P790’s, the MMT’s cost me an additional $28 / club.
  12. With all the uncertainty AND they weren’t as described (MP 20 MMC), I’d send them back and request a refund.
  13. If you are looking for something a little less expensive because you won’t be using them full time, try the PXG 0211 ST. They are a very forgiving blade with great turf interaction. I have a set from 7-G for those exact conditions. Best of all, they are on sale at $100 per club. Really a hidden gem.
  14. I should have mentioned, my son lives in Australia and the Mizuno clubs I’ve played and / or purchased there had the serial number on the ferrule and filled in gold color. That was a couple of years ago (MP-18), so I’m not sure what they do currently.
  15. I think Mizuno is also one of, if not the only company where the serial numbers for the set all match. I know PXG and TaylorMade all have different serial numbers on each head.
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