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  1. i believe 33 inch. but im not too sure. i got it used as well and it didnt mention exact length
  2. 1. Honma TR20 440 HEAD Only Used 1 season moved to titleist SOLD 2. RARE ODyssey putter $100 Shipped
  3. oh i meant no harm at all. I was just wondering since sometimes when i sell tour issue equipments i mark out the serial. Im sorry if i sounded otherwise.
  4. hi, any reason why the serial number has been sharpied out? thanks
  5. Spider Mini used for 2 season. Price to move $80 shipped. Lets go $65 shippedPXG 0341X 13 degree wood. Graphite Design GP7x $195 .25 longer than standard/ No extension.SOLDTitleist TMB 716 3 iron with graphite design tour ad 95X flex $115 shippedSOLDOdyssey tuttle stroke lab with tour issue odyssey grip. 34 inches. used for 2 round. good condition $110 shipped/ Lets go $100 shipped!Honma Blade putter TW PT putter good condition $175 shipped. 34 inches SOLDHonma 747P iron head only new $45 shipped.Honma 737 compact 19 degree hybrid head only good condition $45 shipped SOLD
  6. Scotty Cameron Dual Balance Mid 34 Inches. Golf Pride Grip on. Good Condition. Original headcover included. $175 Shipped. Even Flow 75X Handcrafted. Out of PXG 3 wood. $55 ShippedHonma Beres womens 3 Stars 11.5 head only. New. Got this from raffle drawing last year. snapped the shaft while closing the car door when the club was half way . Head is still in sink wrap 100% authentic. Shaft still attached, will remove the shaft before shipping to save shipping cost. $215
  7. So my father purchased this ebay over the weekend. I received a notification saying congratulation on purchasing an item on my phone. I looked at the item and everything about this putter looked counterfeit to me. I need some of you guys’s help on identifying whether this putter is fake or not. And also what to do if it is indeed fake.
  8. PING G410 LST DRIVER WITH JUSTIN ROSE PROTO VIZARD FD 7x shaft. VERY LONG AND STRAIGHT COMBO.45inches long. headcover included. 9/10 only 4 rounds in with this combo. I just like my TS3 shape more. $385$ $ 350 soldPXG DRIVER HEAD ONLY 0811LX GEN 1 Mint. HEAD ONLY will send with original headcover and adapter. $110 SOLD attachments.zip [img]https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/690/R5RD3V9S3HGJ.jpg[/img] [img]https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/455/QKPQBVDQT816.jpg[/img] [img]https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/308/6TAD0D4M9ZQO.jpg[/img] [img]https://s3.amazonaw
  9. any possible trade for the sim head? I have 410 LST mint 9.0 head.
  10. Good morning all! HONMA 737 VS 3-PW HEADS ONLY 8/10 CONDITION. PLAYED ABOUT 14-15 Rounds with these guys. PRICE: $ 200 Shipped. These currently have Project LZ 6.5 4-W 3 IRON has, nippon prototype ST x flex. IF you want them all together : $300 shipped.
  11. Honma 727 8.5 430 CC driver head only 75 shipped. Honma 747 9.5 460 CC driver Mint No adapter. Adapters are about 15 dollars on ebay. $125 shipped. Callaway Legacy Stenson Model 5-P with APex 4 iron. All shafted with Xseven shaft. Standard length lie loft. shafts are nearly new. $350.Titleist 718 AP2 Irons 5-P Project X flighted. $375
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