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  1. All these sweet Ping clubs coming out, I may have to switch! I love that Hawkeyes color theme.
  2. I think they look amazing, but I am not certain about playing distance irons though.
  3. I had to finally just take mine off. I have a pretty wide band for my ring and even putting the glove over it, with interlock grip, I could not keep a good grip on the club and the face would open the moment I made impact. Determined to leave the ring on, I changed to 10 finger grip and that worked. But at the end, I just take it off. I would explain this problem to your wife and she will likely tell you the same thing mine did. Take it off then while you play. But make sure you put it in something safe. I was playing in a scramble and placed my ring in my small important contents pocket in my bag, wallet, ring, car keys, and I got stopped in the round to buy some raffle tickets, pulled my wallet out that happens to have a bottle open on it and it pulled my ring out without me knowing and fell on the ground. I got back to the vehicle after the round, dug in the pocket and couldn't find it. I remembered exactly where I pulled my wallet out, drove back there on the cart and there it was in the grass. Lucky me. Now, I have a hard shell case that it goes in before it goes into that pocket.
  4. Yup, I ended up buying a pair and like them a lot. I think they tried to make them look a little classy on the toe with the design but trying to keep them modern to attract younger players.
  5. I love scrambles but always go in with the mindset of not winning but usually am able to guess within 1-2 strokes of the winning score from playing the round. But like others have said on here, the scrambles are usually for a good cause and that's why I was there, support and to have fun. I actually have one tomorrow to raise money to provide dental hygiene for people who are less fortunate.
  6. UA makes charged cotton polo's. I believe they are 95% Trans-DRY treated cotton and 5% spandex. If you're allergic to polyester I would stay away from Nike Dri-Fit Cotton which is 62% cotton, 34% polyester and 4% spandex.
  7. Stetson, that sounds terrible. A QO pro shop gift card would have been decent.
  8. I played at QO at the end of April in a tourney and as usual was disappointed. They punched the greens the day before, prizes were poor, long wait time after tourney was over for updates... Didn't even accept our score, they changed our score and knocked us to the bottom of the flight. We made 10 birdies and no bogeys, they said we were -8. That's disappointing for sure.
  9. Anybody playing in the Impossible Open 2 at Quarry Oaks on June 3rd?
  10. Followed on Twitter and Instagram. If I won, I'd like the Modus Tour 120 X. Thanks Nippon for these giveaways!
  11. Yeah, not a lot of action on either this thread or the WRX Iowa thread and most of the Iowans seem to be central or east. Would be nice to see some more though. Omaha is getting that TopGolf by the Westroads which will be nice.
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