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  1. Check out Waynesville. Waynesville CC, Laurel Ridge, Springdale and my favorite Maggie Valley CC. All within about 10 mins from downtown Waynesville. PM me if you need more details.
  2. I will never be confident in Dallas under Garrett. I’ve said it for years and years. Big games especially.
  3. Since everyone is done are we gonna start over? Little late for this week but maybe next??
  4. Gosh. That was so bad. As we talked before Garrett has to go. There’s no other way around it. I’m more upset about about Dallas losing than losing them elim. Still in first place in the division but that’s two straight weeks of failure when Dallas could be running away with the division.
  5. Hope you’re doing good touch! I’m off this weekend so I’m going to make my pick tonight... been living by the sword on those Monday night games!
  6. Well of course I forgot yet again. Seeing how there’s only the game tonight and I’ve already picked the browns. Go 49ers!
  7. Again. I forgot a pick. No idea about tonight. I’m gonna go home field. Week 4 pick. Steelers
  8. NC State looks AWFUL this year. Week 9 Doreen’s seat will be on fire!
  9. I’m still in. Seahawks week 1 Browns week 2 Week 3 pick. Green Bay Packers.
  10. I forgot to pick one earlier. So I will go with the browns over the jets tomorrow night!
  11. Shew. Almost got knocked out week 1 as well. Seattle made that one interesting for sure.
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