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  1. 1,000 views and this stuff is still waiting to go... Willing to make trades and excellent deals
  2. All prices include shipping CONUS. Will listen to reasonable offers. PM me with questions or if you would like additional photos. Paypal only please. Only trade interest would be Odyssey Works 2-ball fang or V-line putters. 1. TW15 Size 8. Wore these twice, decided to stick with my FJs. Could pass as new. No box but will include Nike shoe bag. 175 2. Scotty Cameron Mil-Spec. 350g head. 33’’/4*/”F” lie 69*. Original finish, no shaft band, original black baby t grip. Original headcover included, velcro has lost some life but still closes well. Small nicks on the left bumper and hosel (pictured) SOLD 3. SLDR TP 3 wood HL. 17*, face and crown in great condition. Shaft is tour issue (TXXXX serial) Matrix Ozik 7x3 in SLDR graphics playing a pinch over 43’’. New standard tour velvet grip. Small paint chip on shaft, tipped 1’’, original headcover. 170 4. Graffaloy white bimatrix x-flex with SLDR/TM tip. New lamkin i-line. Tipped 1’’. 41.5’’ grip to tip. Bought this to use in a 5 wood and never got around to it. 50 5. Ping G25 3 wood. 15*. Shafted with GD AD-DI 7s playing to 42.5’’. I believe when I had it shafted a half-inch extension was placed in the butt end. New tour velvet grip. Crown is clean; topline has some light scratching that is hopefully viewable in pictures. Normal wear from play on the sole. Generic headcover will be included. 170 6. R9 5 wood, 19*. Stock stiff flex shaft, Grip has seen better days, original headcover included. 50 7. SLDR 14* driver. Stock 57g stiff shaft. In excellent condition. Original headcover. 80 8. Aldila RIP phenom 60g stiff that came with my 913 driver. Titleist tip, plays stock 45’’. SOLD 9/10. Cleveland HiBore 2 and 3 hybrids (19, 22*) Have gamed these for a few years, paint is starting to chip from crown. The 2h has a pinpoint dent on the outer toe, can’t see it at address. New GP z-cords standard size. 70 for both. 40 a piece.
  3. [quote name='edub72' timestamp='1431395252' post='11542002'] One think that helped me was nutrition. Making sure I drank plenty of water throughout the round and healthy snacks throughout the round. I used to crash hard when my diet was dr pepper and a hot dog at the turn. [/quote] That's one thing that I know I don't do well enough, going to make this a priority to keep some momentum going into the final holes
  4. [quote name='seven dewey' timestamp='1431375697' post='11539930'] According to Rickie Fowler, you just have to "push the button" whatever that means. [/quote] I need to locate this button and wear it out haha [quote name='bk52' timestamp='1431375928' post='11539952'] If you can play even for 16 holes on an unfamiliar course which is "short" at 6,900 yards, you will figure out how to finish without our assistance. [/quote] Not trying to "humble brag," I've always been under the impression that anything under 7,000 yards from the tips is shortish relative to the grand pool of courses around the world. Probably a result of growing up in an era where courses seem to get longer by the day. [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1431376075' post='11539968'] [quote name='JoeCic' timestamp='1431373860' post='11539716'] My issue is the last 2 or 3 holes of seemingly every round I seem to lose my mind and make a bad swing/decision. [/quote] Well, next time just don't. Resolve is your friend. [/quote] I agree, going to keep working on it
  5. Quick bio... 22 and just graduated college, been playing seriously for about 7 years now (from Upstate NY so you know how that goes in actual golf time). If I had to estimate a hc I would say about a 6 but I don't keep an official one. Past few rounds I've been hitting the ball solid, making a fair share of birdies and staying aggressive. My issue is the last 2 or 3 holes of seemingly every round I seem to lose my mind and make a bad swing/decision. Playing the Disney Palm course yesterday while on vacation from the back tees (short course, 6900ish) I was even after 16. Two pushed drives and hero shot attempts later and I'm +4 faster than Tiger's glutes deactivate after an all night session with some high price Vegas mistresses. I'm frustrated and mystified as to why this problem is becoming habitual. Not sure what I really want out of this thread. Some words of encouragement, a funny story of your own experience, or maybe some tips about how to stay locked in down the stretch. Cheers, Joe
  6. Someone please take that Byron before I can't buy textbooks next semester... Absolute beauty
  7. http://outfitted.golfwrx.com/products/divot-tool-slash-ball-marker Looks awesome!
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