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  1. I voted for 917 D2. recently upgraded from my old 915 D2 Titleist and it is night and day better. Better sound/feel, less spin and am getting more yardage. I also want to say my upgraded 917F2 3wood is the star of my bag. it is hands down the best 3 wood I have owned in a long time. Solid, accurate and great distance. Titleist really improved with these clubs !!!! I voted for 917 D2. recently upgraded from my old 915 D2 Titleist and it is night and day better. Better sound/feel, less spin and am getting more yardage. I also want to say my upgraded 917F2 3wood is the
  2. Taylor Made will become a great value, when the price is right. They have great clubs, solid golf ball, and great R&D. It wasn't too long ago, Callway (though not as serious) was not doing well financially. Granted the stock market was tanking and we were in a recession, but the CEO worked very hard to build a very strong brand and it is doing very well right now. With the right buyer, and a equally competent CEO driving the vision TM can be right there with Callaway. I would bet in the coming months TM is owned by someone in the industry and they become a very stable company for yea
  3. How many times has this sweater been worn? Peter Millar full zip sweater. XL black 100% wool. Very soft and very warm. Oak Tree logo on the sleeve. Great condition, Retail was $180 asking $40 shipped to you
  4. Scotty Cameron Pure Platinum, that I had the face grooved and blacken at Putter Lounge, some days the cup is HUGE
  5. I not sure any of the PXG Pro's are 100% on the PXG driver. I hear the love is for the irons and the hybrids. It is only a matter of time though that they create a driver with all the benefits the PXG sponsored pros like.
  6. Try the new Evnroll putter, like the Odyssey #7, and SC mallet models
  7. Went to PGASS Scottsdale and rolled all of the Evnroll putters. This was the second time trying them out and after looking at the ER6 and ER2 I am leaning toward the ER1. best feel of the bunch and the most consistent for my swing. I just don't think it is on the same level as a SC or other $320.00 putters. I tried the TM itsy bitsy spider and had some great results too. Heck I even hit a 38" counterbalanced Tour Edge and it was rolling nice. I am not sure this putter is worth the money. there are plenty of great putters that if properly fitted can make you a better putter.
  8. Here you go! From Twitter today! I would think Toulon would of had a "Phoenix" and it would of looked like the Standard "Karstan" which so many companies have copied for decades now.
  9. The Enroll putters are now at the PGA superstore in Chandler AZ, probably Scottsdale. I took a few minutes to hit a few the ER5 since I have been looking at the Versa 7. I continue to be intrigued by the Evnroll and will be going back to hit the ER2 also. from the few times I did hit the putter, he created a nice roll and had a nice feel/sound similar to the SC's out there now. Can't wait to find a minute to go hit a few more !!!
  10. Golf WRX is the most professional and comprehensive golf website there is. It is a my one source for all things golf. From latest product offerings to finding out about small manufacturers of putters, leather products and training aids. The wealth of information among the members of the forum is outstanding. GolfWRX continues to improve each year, whether it is club trials, Giveaways, or product information. In addition there weekly photos of what is going on in PGA tournaments is awesome. Big Kudo's to the team at GOLFWRX for providing a first rate product.
  11. MG Gloves are the real deal, and seem to be holding up nicely during the summer months of Arizona inferno
  12. It would be interesting to see why Toulon left . Money ?? he seemed to be enjoying his new company with his family and friends. Now he is back to the corporate world with the demands that come with it. Personally I think Odyssey has too many different putters and series of putters. It will be interesting to see how the Toulon brand fits in. I read one of the posts from the player from Chicago and what he typically sees. I too play in AZ with allot of mens clubbers and rarely do yo see a boutique putter. Cameron's , TM's, 2ball, and pings seem to rule
  13. HAHA. I think PXG is going to prove to be a flash in the pan. Once the "sex appeal" runs out people will realize there is better gear around. PXG is just a couple pieces of old technology put together for next to no money and sold at such a high price because they can get away with it. In a year when people have seen there scores go up because they are playing with some of the most inconsistent irons available they will quickly switch back to there favorite OEM or find something new like EPON, my personal favorites if I could afford the price. Are these comments based on any factual data?
  14. Jimenaz1

    The ProV1x

    I love the Prov1x and will continue but, have had really good luck with the MG golf C4 ball at 20 bucks a dozen. https://www.mggolf.com/golf-balls/?v=#C4
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