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  1. We have as part of our game a putt made longer than a flag stick as a pole putt or poley which costs everyone else a dollar no matter what the score. One can only imagine what takes place from there as guys will begin to comment on how much the pole putter likes to get some pole. Dog par first ball out of bounds second ball makes a par
  2. It is heavy as all get out but it rolls the rock
  3. I am interested in the heads if dr is interested in the shafts
  4. if the kombi is not gone i will take it if so good for you . Mike
  5. There is a group of golfers in St Louis known as Fu-King golfers. They actually have a 4 putt book which they carry around with them and each 4 putt is recorded and signed by the golfer. Sad to say I am in it 2 times
  6. Prior to me buying a BB, I hit the xhot2 pro extensively. It was neck and neck for which driver I would purchase and the BB won for style reasons. I played it solidly for a few months but when I went into a funk, which wasnt the driver's fault, I traded a million clubs for the xhot 2 pro when it went down a 100 dollars in price. I use the aldila tour green in both. I am driving the ball great with the pro and believe both clubs are fantastic. The fubuki shaft did not fit me and the aldila is my shaft of choice in drivers; had one in a cobra amp cell as well. I know that this doesnt help
  7. Thanks to everyone who has made this topic an interesting read. Ish I really appreciate you sharing that tip on placing the club in front of the ball and pointing to the target and swinging through there. It frees me from focusing on the ball and just swinging the club and trusting it. If it goes astray then it is because I didnt let the club swing and I do not have to go down the rabbit hole wondering what part of my body betrayed me this time lol I also have been such a fearful golfer in that I see all the bad places where a ball can go,and I try like hell to steer it away from those pl
  8. yes unfortunately many in fact , a few actually worked like my tp mills tour but I must admit I pulled the trigger on a 38 inch counter balanced bb1 which is arriving today with just a little buyer's regret lol
  9. Havent found any clubs but two footjoy tour jackets and a sunderland as well for 3 bucks a piece
  10. be careful the golf gods are listening they will bring ruin to that putter lol
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