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  1. Which shafts are in the MP’s? Weight? Flex? Standard length, weight, loft and lie? (I am not sure if this comment is repeated, WRX alerted me that i wasnt signed in) thanks
  2. Selling this little beauty to someone that needs this gap filled. I tried to love it but we didn’t get along very well. 22 degrees, KBS SHAFT, Golf Pride midsize grip, like new. I have barely used it and it hasn't even been to the range. $110 with shipping in cont. US (ask for other).
  3. On the jet black finish what is under the gloss fill? I am going raw on my Miura baby blades. No fill and am wondering what is under the SM7 paint
  4. Yes the spec are standard. I had then all checked and adjusted for loft/lie in March. However. The shafts were replaced with the PX5.5’s last year. Originally they had the 6.5’s i just sold here.
  5. Vokey SM7 52/12f Black finish with original grip. Only played about 3 rounds. Great shape. $75 obo Titleist 714 CB 4-PW (possibly 3i with Project X 6.5 shaft) With Project 5.5 shafts, Lamkin ACE 3 gen grips (1/3 season but these are great super durable). Custom BB&F ferrules. I have played these for a few years, but they are very well kept. $125 obo !(https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/wt/52kjdslzfkje.jpeg "") Pin 7/30 Odyssey 9 White Hot with black shaft and custom “Take Dead Aim” Salty Grip. Built in 80 gram counterbala
  6. I have a set of Titleist 714 CB 3-PW. They have midsize Lamkin 3gen ACE grips. They are loved and we'll broken in but really are in good shape. But they have project X 6.5's and have been fit for 5.5. Anyone have the opposite problem with similar bats? (For some reason the app won't allow me to post in the classified section)
  7. I have a small birdie ball with a putt out. Delicious. Love it
  8. I'd like to see a tour pro be a nurse for a night, get three hours of sleep and walk 18. I do still think they would kick the s*** out of me and the boys
  9. Did you say you were 36? And "losing distance over the years". I think you may need a lesson rather than a reading. Find a good local PGA pro and see what they say about your swing, setup and that sort of thing. At 36 you should be in your prime for distance with control as a handicap golfer I should think. I play off 8 and have gained distance from last year to this by changing and embracing setup and swing. I also have taken my 10 year old Mizuno MX500 to have data read against other clubs. I cannot do any better with anything else. Certainly not enough to warrant a 5 or 6 hundred dollar c
  10. I wear progressive lenses and after an adjustment I can't play without them. If I take them off I feel a foot taller and just dig a giant hole with my club
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