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  1. Good Luck with the new purchase. Tour Edge is making some quality products right now.
  2. I recently cut this driver down to 44.5 inches and its a fairway finder. I am finding more fairways than I can ever remember. I got the 9.5 degree driver and I am hitting lasers. Really happy with this purchase.
  3. Give the 2016 M2 a shot or Srixon 765.
  4. I bought the 721 driver on a whim. I ordered the Ventus Red Stiff shaft for my 99 mph swing. I must say Ive been impressed with the driver. Its not the longest but it is relatively forgiving and pretty straight. The other day I hit 10 out of 14 fairways which is pretty good for me. On distance I would rate it a 7 out of 10. I hit a couple of bombs but the M2 2016 is still longer. Id say 1 out of every 10 are bombs and the rest have a nice penetrating flight. On forgiveness I would rate it a 8 out of 10. I hit a couple low on the face that had no business going as far as they did. My miss is a heel cut to the right and those get out there pretty far. On dispersion I would rate this a 9 out of10. Im hitting more fairways than Im used to. The Ventus Red is a nice complement to the head. Even when I do miss I am not penalized that bad. Overall I am very pleased with this driver. If you are looking for something that goes far and straight then I say give this a shot.
  5. The Cobra LTD 3 wood is a larger profile and a rocket off the tee with low spin. I think thats exactly what you are looking for.
  6. May want to look at the Cobra LTD 3-4 wood. It has a pretty deep profile and is a rocket.
  7. Im excited to try out the 785 its going to be hard to beat out the 765 because its so good. The Shiels video has me excited to get my hands on one though. Where are you guys ordering from ?
  8. Definitely try a 16 M2 or even a Tour Edge CB4 tour
  9. I use a Pro V1 ball and sometimes a Z star. My putting isn't all together atrocious sometimes its not that bad its just on longer putts I tend to over roll em. Im looking for a putter I can put a good thwack on it and it wont go too far.
  10. I tend to struggle with distance control with my miss being too far. I need some putter recommendations for a soft putter that is hard to hit too far. Ive tried the Ping Ketsch, Scotty, and now EvnRoll but I hit them too far. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  11. I fit myself into a Srixon 765 driver. I've had it for a few weeks now. Im really impressed by this club. I hit 12/14 fairways today. A couple of the drives were longer than normal. I even had an eagle on a par 5 which is not the norm. The only drawback is the club feels pretty stiff and lacks feedback on striped shots. That being said Id recommend this club for anyone looking for a driver. It is lowering my handicap. I had a 2 way miss with my old driver and now I have a one way miss which makes it more reliable. In summation give this puppy a rip, I think you will be satisfied.
  12. I prefer the 16 M2 but I don't have a lot of experience with the 17.
  13. What Mitsubishi shaft model, weight, and flex you would choose! TENSEI™ Pro Orange 70 TX What color staff bag you would want? White/Gold What model (Tour F1 or Tour F4) golf balls you would want to win. Tour F1
  14. Im in the market for a new driver. I went into Golf Galaxy to do some testing today. I thought I was going to end up with a Rogue Sub Zero but I wanted to be sure. So I tested the M4, M3, G 400 LST, Rogue and Rogue Sub Zero. I wasn't really satisfied with any of them although the sub zero gave me the best numbers its dispersion was lacking. I went to the used rack and picked up a Srixon 765 driver. I couldn't believe the results I was getting. I was getting the fastest ball speeds and lowest spin with this club. It was about 5 yards longer than the Sub Zero on average. I only had to pay $ 200 for the club. So I ran to the check out line and Im now in the honeymoon phase. Anyone else find Srixon to be a good fit ?
  15. the i25 is a decent hybrid and long.
  16. I didn't need to loft up with the 16 M2. I have mine set to 9.5 and it launches at about 15-16 degrees so I am really happy with that.
  17. Personally, I like the Ping hybrids they are long and forgiving. Give the Ping G25 a shot or the Ping G400.
  18. Cobra LTD 3-4 wood is a beast.
  19. I was impressed with the G.400 19* hybrid. You should check it out.
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