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  1. 1. Enjoy the round and the opportunity, and be overly thankful. 2. Be ready for small talk topics to on a variety of topics. Golf, personal life, and most importantly your industry and your work at your company. I believe you are unknown to them, so this is your opportunity to show the value you are bringing. BODs contain a lot of influence and a good first impression can go along ways in that value flowing to the CEO and others. Most importantly though, let it happen naturally and let them ask the company/industry questions. This is more to not be caught off guard if it is asked.
  2. Very solid golfer, and I'm glad we get to see him competing on the Tour for many years to come with today's win.
  3. I’d love to see something like this with the PGA and LPGA.
  4. Played a new course a couple weeks ago with friends, and it was tough in the mountains with a lot of trees and shrubs. The starter put a card into the plastic holder of our carts just as we were heading to the first tee that outlined the expected pace of a 4 hr. and 30 min. round, and times we should be finishing each hole to stay on pace. They had cards for every tee time throughout the day, and I thought this was a really good idea for educating players. It also gives the marshals roaming the course ammo if groups get behind on pace.
  5. Congrats on the ace! My lone hole-in-one happened playing solo. Late afternoon and not another person on the course, but I didn’t call anyone to verify though. Like mentioned above, buy yourself a beer and proudly own the accomplishment just as if there was a full gallery watching.
  6. If he’s going to live to 200, then there’s a chance he may see it in his lifetime.
  7. From a summer ago while walking up to my ball at the 9th hole, one of my favorite holes at Edgewood Tahoe.
  8. He came in with a lot of flair as a Millenial heartthrob, and has had quite a successful career sans major. Plus from all accounts, he's personable with fans at the tournaments.
  9. Missing his TaylorMade putter too. Maybe Costco is going all in on him with the new putter and KSig 2.0 ball .
  10. If Rickie was dragging his bags through the airport to not miss his connecting flight to make his commercial shoot, then the author may have a point. But calling up his private jet to take him to anywhere on a whim completely removes the whole issue of time commitments. Turning 32 today with a bombshell wife, 9 professional wins, each endorsement deal is worth winning several tournaments in one, and already has enough money in his bank accounts to keep multi-generations of his family taken care of. Sign me up for that disappointment of a career. I hope he finds his gr
  11. Walking with my push cart is perfect for an easy 9, but I prefer riding in a cart if going the full 18.
  12. I recently did the same and switched to Bridgestone E6 Speed after getting some as a birthday gift. Great balls for my game with plenty of spin throughout my clubs like the Pro V1s I was playing before.
  13. Around 7 years old, I was at the local driving range getting my first lessons on how to swing. It was just my dad, brother, myself, and one other man 3 or 4 bays away. On one swing, I lost my grip on my finish and launched the club into the air and just to happened to come right down on the guys head. Thankfully he was wearing a hat and it came down on him with the shaft from my junior sized iron. My dad thought he was for sure getting sued, but the man shook it off like a champ and didn't cause any scene about it. More recent funny things include my brother-in-law who's learning how to golf
  14. It's no wonder why I barely come to this forum anymore. It's the largest most unprecedented worldwide situation of our lifetime and the mods expect every discussion to somehow not mention it as it relates to the sport we love.
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