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  1. If he’s going to live to 200, then there’s a chance he may see it in his lifetime.
  2. From a summer ago while walking up to my ball at the 9th hole, one of my favorite holes at Edgewood Tahoe.
  3. He came in with a lot of flair as a Millenial heartthrob, and has had quite a successful career sans major. Plus from all accounts, he's personable with fans at the tournaments.
  4. Missing his TaylorMade putter too. Maybe Costco is going all in on him with the new putter and KSig 2.0 ball .
  5. If Rickie was dragging his bags through the airport to not miss his connecting flight to make his commercial shoot, then the author may have a point. But calling up his private jet to take him to anywhere on a whim completely removes the whole issue of time commitments. Turning 32 today with a bombshell wife, 9 professional wins, each endorsement deal is worth winning several tournaments in one, and already has enough money in his bank accounts to keep multi-generations of his family taken care of. Sign me up for that disappointment of a career. I hope he finds his gr
  6. Walking with my push cart is perfect for an easy 9, but I prefer riding in a cart if going the full 18.
  7. I recently did the same and switched to Bridgestone E6 Speed after getting some as a birthday gift. Great balls for my game with plenty of spin throughout my clubs like the Pro V1s I was playing before.
  8. Around 7 years old, I was at the local driving range getting my first lessons on how to swing. It was just my dad, brother, myself, and one other man 3 or 4 bays away. On one swing, I lost my grip on my finish and launched the club into the air and just to happened to come right down on the guys head. Thankfully he was wearing a hat and it came down on him with the shaft from my junior sized iron. My dad thought he was for sure getting sued, but the man shook it off like a champ and didn't cause any scene about it. More recent funny things include my brother-in-law who's learning how to golf
  9. It's no wonder why I barely come to this forum anymore. It's the largest most unprecedented worldwide situation of our lifetime and the mods expect every discussion to somehow not mention it as it relates to the sport we love.
  10. I guess the very consistent run of greatness had to come to an end at some point for the Warriors. Both LA teams look legit and would be interesting to see them go at it in the conference finals.
  11. > @QuigleyDU said: > > @freeze16172002 said: > > I cant see him leaving cobra as the #1 guy there, to go to TM and be one of many. > > Is he their number 1 still? I would say Bryson is much more active and successful, plus being more polarizing is a win for them as well. Until we see a massive amount of kids walking around tournaments across the country in Puma driver hats carrying protractors, I don't see how anyone but Rickie could be their #1.
  12. While I support the idea, let's be completely honest CA lawmakers that this is all about the additional taxes and business fee revenue they'll be able to grab and not really about the college athlete's best interests. If it was then it would be all about the schools paying the players directly for their image and likeness usage.
  13. I don't think it would have been out of line at all to simply say something like "Hey guys, I just wanted to quickly say I'm a huge golf fan and wanted to wish you both the best of luck for the rest of the season." and leave it at that. If they then offered a signature/photo then it's fair game to you to accept it, but I would definitely not lead in with that request to start.
  14. > @hgtiger24 said: > honestly, golf is too expensive for my generation. > i don't want to get too soap opera, but our generation is expected to work low paying jobs, but have an outstanding education and qualifications. > > it's nearly impossible for me to get my friends to start golfing because the cost is just too much and they have money they'd like to spend on things like student loans Golf is simply what we make of it. A starter set of used clubs from a sports shop and twilight round with a break in green fees (or round on an executive course) is more than adequate
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