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  1. > @GoGoErky said: > > @Fade said: > > I still don't understand what the objection is to trying out balls at the course. Seems ideal, this will test not just full shots, but short-game, and putting as well: All important, in my mind. > > I’m struggling with the comment “since I’m actually trying to play” > > Not sure how using a new ball each round or every couple holes prevents that I'm still trying to shoot a good score, so if the ball isn't good for me, I'm likely to shoot a poor score, which I'm trying to avoid if possible.
  2. > @thejuice said: > > @Bruiser419 said: > > and I appreciate all the comments about Twilight golf. However with two kids that are in a lot of sports, it doesn't leave a lot of time to go golfing. And when I do golf I only golf 9 holes at a time. I usually try to give a ball at least three holes. > > You can’t get in 9 holes while your kids are at practice? Nope, no golf courses close enough.
  3. I agree with the OP. I feel very inferior by many responses I receive to honest questions. Some of us know we will never be very good at golf for whatever reaons, yet try to get as good as we can, be it thru clubs, balls, etc... yet we're constantly belittled and looked down upon. I'd certainly love to ask my questions in a more friendly and inviting forum, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find one on the internet (maybe there isn't one). So I do my best, ask my questions, and try to read thru the aloofness and disdain for info that can help.
  4. I'm in the market for some new clubs, and these are reasonably priced, if not maybe a bit too low. I know you get what you pay for, so these aren't going to compare with the Taylormade and PIng's of the world, but are these decent enough clubs given their value price, or would even the minor amount of money spent on these be better served saving the money to then buy a more "respected" name club? I know it's more the golfer and less the club, but even a master chef can only do so much with cheap food. Thanks.
  5. and I appreciate all the comments about Twilight golf. However with two kids that are in a lot of sports, it doesn't leave a lot of time to go golfing. And when I do golf I only golf 9 holes at a time. I usually try to give a ball at least three holes.
  6. > @Nard_S said: > You don't have plain old field anywhere near you? Nope, they're all full of corn and soybeans right now.
  7. So I'm looking to try out a couple new balls, but I can't really try them on the course since I'm actually trying to play. I thought about trying them at the range, but that seems expensive since you can only hit each ball once and then it's gone forever, so at best you can hit 12-15 and hopefully you hit them well enough to get an idea. Is this a dumb idea? Does anyone else do this? I'm at a loss to think of any other ways.
  8. > @Imp said: > What are you using to calculate handicap? GHIN? Something else? USGA handicap is supposed to combine 9 hole rounds into 18 and then calculate off of that, in order they were played. You're also mentioning you played 5 rounds... is that 5 9 hole rounds, or 10 9 hole rounds that were combined into 5 18 hole rounds? Hand calculating. 5 9 hole rounds.
  9. > @BKN1964 said: > Are you multiplying your 9 hole handicap by 2 to make it comparable to an 18 hole calculation? No, that was my mistake, so it's actually about 20 which is what I thought. Thanks
  10. So I just calcualted my handicap, and granted it's only based on 5 scores total, but it came out as a 10, which to me is ludicrous. I have 2 reasons why I'm not buying it. 1 is I only play 9 holes instead of 18, so I think that helps, and 2 I think I play a tee too short so my distance overcomes my crappiness. Is it possible that these are contributing to an artificially low handicap? I would expect it to be more in the 15 to 20 range.
  11. The Snell article is interesting, but I'm not sure I buy it. Physics alone seems to debunk that all drivers compress equally. And as for his comment regarding the number of shots, while I see his point, my golfing partner, even on a nominal length par 4 takes 3 shots minimum to get near the green, so distance is more important right now.
  12. So asking for a golfing friend. He only drives about 150 ish so I'm estimating a swing speed of 50-60. The Srixon Soft Feel seems like a good choice, but I know there's even softer ones. Can you go too soft? Does that Srixon seen like a good choice? And yes, i know a fitting is the "best" way to do this, but neither of us are good enough to bother right now
  13. I currently have what is apparently an older version of the Top Flite D2 Feel balls. I was at Dick's today and they have "New" ones in a different box. Is there any difference between the "old" ones I have and the "new" ones in the store? Thanks.
  14. > @"Song Dog" said: > Just gonna throw this out there. I like the D2s ALOT. I did just get some 5A NXT Tour S's and really like ALOT about them. I played them in the past and that's why I got them. Good ball for me. I've never had much luck with Titleist balls. They just never seem to feel, sound right, or perform very well for me.
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