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  1. 4D Motion 12-Sensor Kit - Gen 1 - $1,200 $900 I coach baseball and purchased this initially to use with my players. The system is very cool, but the timing of how the data transfers isn't great for baseball. It is tough to time up when the sensors are active with a moving ball vs a stationary golf ball. I've moved on to K Motion which is a better fit for my needs. It does a good job, but it just wasn't practical for me. I paid $2,400 for this new and it is the full 12-sensor system. It now works with iOS but will include the Samsung Android tablet I used with it. It includes the carrying c
  2. Just a few loose ends. Message for PayPal. Shipping included in prices. Raw Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Head Only + Cover - $OLD Got this in a trade a while ago. Had plans but not going to follow through. Comes with cover as shown in pictures. Nike Lunar Bandon 2 Shoes - Size 10.5 - $OLD In very good shape. Very limited use. You can see how fresh the size tag is. These just fit a little too tight for me.
  3. I'm right between 10.5 and 11 in Nike. I usually wear 11. These were a little tight on me... So I'd say they run fairly true, maybe slightly small.
  4. Our first baby turned 4 months old today and I've had a glimpse into my golf future... I simply don't need this stuff and I'm dropping back to one set. Make offers - I priced accordingly! Message for questions and PayPal info. Shipping included in pricing. Srixon z945 4-P with C-Taper 130X Soft-stepped - $OLD Cobra LTD Pro Matrix 80t LT Reign Black Prototype X-Stiff - $OLD Rogue 125 msi Tour X 60g w/Ping Tip - $OLD Nike Lunar Bandon 2 Shoes - $60 Size 36 Shorts Nike & Under Armour - $25 for both Pictures and videos below. I find videos help show condition best with different lighting is
  5. Just had our first baby so I'm just clearing out extras. Make offers if interested. No trade interests as the bag is already overflowing. Thanks! Message for questions and PayPal info. Ping i25 8.5* w/Ping Tour X - $OLD Ping i25 9.5* w/Ping Tour S - $80 Cobra LTD w/Rogue 95 msi 60 g $OLD Rogue 125 msi Tour X 60g w/Ping Tip $125 Zepp 2 sensor with golf clip $OLD (2 available) Some pictures, some videos. I find videos help show condition best with different lighting issues. (Mods - let me know if I need additional pictures up as well.) *** I have an i25 and g25 head covers. First to pu
  6. I think 44.5" but I don't know for sure. Dent isn't too bad. I have a G25 with a dent (buddy borrowed it...) that I don't feel comfortable listing because of the dent size. The i25 I didn't even realize it was there until the light hit it.
  7. Clearing some items out to make room for new experiments. Trade interests would be strong 3 woods (TEE or 3deep), wedges. Very comfortable at driver, irons and putter. Message for questions and PayPal. 1. Ping i25 8.5* w/Ping Tour X - $80 2. Ping i25 9.5* w/Ping Tour S - $100 3. Ping Crossover 3 Iron w/Ahina 7x - SOLD 4. Ping G25 5 Wood w/Fuel 7x Shaft $80 Headcover 5. Cobra LTD w/Rogue 95 msi 60 g $175 6. Rogue 125 msi Tour X 60g w/Ping Tip $150 7. Aldila DVS 60x w/Titleist Tip $40 8. Training Club: DST Compressor 8i + The Little One $40 PENDING PAYMENT 9. Dynamic Gold 4-P s300 Irons
  8. Message sent on LTD Pro head. (Be first be first be first.)
  9. I have this and enjoy it. I have had it since it came out as my Motorola watch stopped charging. A little weird at first when you have to download the course on your phone but easy to get the hang of. Prices just dropped on it too.
  10. I'm a big Mizuno fan however the 900 driver was "meh" for me. Spinny and sounded weird. Yeah. I was just sharing their response. After this thread my expectations were not met.
  11. Asked about the Epic at my local shop tonight. The verbatim response: "It's not a Mizuno." Huge praise for the 900. Overall feel toward Epic was pretty meh. I didn't hit it the Epic. I want to hit the Epic. I also want to hit the 900 now.
  12. Picked these up at $386 with free shipping. Took first swings today with the 7 iron and it felt great. Thrilled with the deal. Thanks for posting!
  13. Update: Feel free to make lowball offers. I'm traveling through the weekend and want to ship on Monday. Two items today. I made quick youtube videos in an attempt to best capture condition. You guys know how it is when you take pictures and every little scratch lights up. Please DM with any questions, offers and PayPal info. Items 1. Titleist 915D3 9.5* w/Aldila DVS 60x - Sold 2. Ping i25 3 wood 14* w/Ping Tour Stiff 65 - Sold 3. Diamana Ahina 7x Fairway Shaft with Ping Adapter - $40 The only trade interest is at the driver spot. Shaft would need to be 7x... I keep eyeing the new Cobr
  14. Please DM with any questions or offers. Feel free to make an aggressive offer. Not looking for any trades specifically. Just got a new clicgear 8.0 so accessories for that might be cool? Paypal [email protected], shipping UPS will go out ASAP. Big Bertha Alpha 9* with Fubuki ZT X-Flex - $SOLD Stock setup. Headcover included. No tool. No extra weights or anything besides the driver and head cover. Currently has a jumbo sized grip. This was a test for me. Pictures with glare/lighting was an issue so I made a video with intent to best capture condition. Video here:
  15. If you need more pictures, please let me know. I was having a heck of a time getting pictures with lighting/glare so I made a couple quick videos to try to best capture condition. Paypal is [email protected] Prices are shipped with UPS and I'll ship ASAP - same day if early enough, next day if late in day. Please message me with any questions or offers. Feel free to be aggressive with offers. :nyam: Shafts Pictures of shafts below descriptions. Pictures include measuring tape. ADDI 6x with Ping g25/i25 adapter - $SOLD Ping grip with plenty of life. Enjoyed this shaft but dispersion bet
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