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  1. I’ve ordered limited putters from them before. They’ve shipped on release day with ground shipping. In the past, the shipping was free. Hopefully we get faster shipping with the $15 charge.
  2. Epic Flash Driver TM M2 2016 Fairway wood TM RSi TP irons TM Spider Blade Putter
  3. It’s not the 009 he won the PGA with. That one had a Circle T on the face instead of a tour dot. Too bad the Inspired by RM has already been released. I doubt TM would allow that anyway.
  4. https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/43/51/84/84feefec0eca28/US3901514.pdf
  5. These re-releases have something in common, major wins. There’s no reason to re-release the Studio Stainless. The Special Select is pretty much the same thing with changeable weights and updated head shapes.
  6. Don’t worry folks. I bought a second one to flip yesterday. That pretty much guarantees a second batch like the T-22. In the words of Albert King, “If it wasn’t for bad luck, you know I wouldn’t have no luck at all.”
  7. https://www.garsengolf.com/product/ultimate-black/
  8. MP-32’s with less offset in the short irons
  9. I don’t know. Ask Titleist through their website. They are very good at answering these kind of questions rather quickly.
  10. I have a TS driver and 4w with the same shaft. Both were ordered without any extra tipping instructions. The fairway shaft is tipped 1/2”. This is correct. The driver adapter is much longer.
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