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  1. I’m pretty sure the money gets released once the tracking shows delivered. At least that’s how it used to be when I first used PayPal.
  2. Brooks is celebrating with Mayweather at the Duke-Gonzaga game. There’s a replay at midnight ET on TNT if you forgot to record it.
  3. Here’s a video explaining the differences between the 009 and 009 Masterful
  4. Did the package get lost before it got eBay? I thought that once the package made it to eBay, they were responsible for getting it to Canada.
  5. Pretty sure it’s fake. The color of the insert looks off. A Circle T wouldn’t have the “Customize Your Cameron” sticker. The Circle T on the bottom doesn’t line up properly.
  6. That thing looks long. You better make sure it’s conforming if you decide to not cut it down.
  7. Whenever I have a problem with a package I shipped, I go and talk to my local supervisor. The package will magically show up in the system within 24 hours.
  8. Scam. The pictures are stolen from other listings. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-Scotty-Cameron-Circle-T-Tour-Black-Tourtype-Timeless-putter-/294409942460?
  9. They can hose you on eBay just as easily. eBay sides with the buyer most of the time if a dispute arises.
  10. IIRC, the 33” T22 should be around 370 grams. Cameron putters have gotten heavier over the years.
  11. The Pistolero Plus is an inch longer than the regular Pistolero.
  12. You don’t have to get a restoration for a new grip. Circle T grips used to be $150. They might be more now since the Custom Shop has raised the prices on everything else.
  13. mjbfyb

    Scotty Hunt

    That Newport Beach is the 330 gram version. Since it’s been refinished, it’s even less now. It could be as light as 320 grams if it was in bad condition. Older Camerons are all 330 grams unless it says different.
  14. No, this is the current version that can be ordered through any Ping account.
  15. That’s a new one. If you don’t inspect what you’re selling, it is in mint condition. Haha
  16. Brand new in bag. $1000 including PayPal and shipping to the lower 48. No trades
  17. Good luck. I don’t believe any stores in the US offered the 33”, and none have popped up on eBay. I’ve seen a couple people in Canada mention a 33”, but that’s it.
  18. Phil has ditched the armlock and the claw. The putter looks like the one he used to win the 2010 Masters. He used a Cameron TeI3 Santa Fe during the Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf against Sergio IIRC.
  19. I’ve read the T22 ended up at 8,000 total but don’t quote me on that.
  20. The T22 had a second batch released a couple months after the initial release. Anyone who was looking could find them for $600 from retailers with relative ease. Around that 6 month mark, the Cameron market slumped due to the unknowns of the pandemic. Now the market is very strong. Assuming production is finished, I don’t think the T22 price history is the best guide.
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