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  1. Yes, the original Slim Jim clubheads are brass with tungsten plugs. You'll find the shallow clubface design is perfect when hanging the shaft vertically. When doing so, it puts the center of the clubface (sweet spot) right on the equator of the ball. I don't think you want to buff-out that brass putterhead! It might look cool hanging on the wall, but would be terribly distracting on the golf course. What I do, and what I would recommend, would be to paint the clubhead with flat black spray paint and then paint the recessed alignment lines with some Testors enamel paint, which y
  2. Interesting choice for a side-saddle putter! - Did you read the thread title carefully?
  3. Ken, I'm 6'4" as well. The head is small, but heavy, which is a good thing. These heads measure 2 7/8" wide by 2 3/4" deep and a face height 5/8" at the center. Your example looks to be 48" long. You'll most likely want to replace that grip with a two-piece offering. You may want to find an experienced club builder/machinist and have the shaft repositioned to a more upright lie-angle (79.5°). It's also worth considering having the loft reduced... however, they are quite usable as they are. Your particular Slim Jim model lends itself to hanging the shaft vertically at address because of the wa
  4. Good choice! - It's so hard to find good examples. What model Slim Jim did you pick up? Length? Photos? What is your height?
  5. Thanks! Curious: Do you choke down on the grip as well and how much? How about ball position? - Do you play it back a bit? Do you purposely adjust your posture at address? Stance width? etc... Do you limit/hold off the follow-through? Do you purposely try to change your swing plane? Sorry for the extra questions, but I'm just trying to pin down what good/elite players do. Thx
  6. I understand what you're saying, but do you necessarily have to swing slower for it to be considered a "fairway finder"? The height of this particular drive was only 112 feet. Usually his drives are 30 to 40 feet higher. I guess my question could have been: How do you hit a hard, low, controlled fade?
  7. Here's Matt Wolff hitting his "fairway finder" driver tee shot. There's so very little written in this forum regarding this shot. I want to know what people do when they're "under the gun" and/or facing an extremely narrow fairway and you still need to hit it reasonably long?
  8. Is Phil Mickelson using/rehearsing Monte's "No Turn Cast Drill"?
  9. Address posture is obviously a personal decision, but please understand considerable time on the practice putting green will be required to make an effective change. For that reason alone, you may want to consider a longer putter.
  10. What is your height? I'm 6'4" and prefer an upright posture for sidesaddle/face-on putting. I have both 48" and 50" putters, with the 50" as my current gamer.
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