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  1. All of these prices are OBO and shipped. Open to trades as well 1. Odyssey OG stroke lab 1ws. 35” New never used. Traded 2. 2021 ping Oslo h. 35” new never used. Traded 3. odyssey versa 7 with tour only superstroke. $115 4. Ventus Black 8x with titleist tip. It’s a 3 wood shaft. Plays 43” in head. Traded 5. diamana d+ 80x 3 wood shaft with titleist tip. Plays 43.25 in head. $100 6. atmos blue tour spec 8x hybrid shaft with titleist tip. $100
  2. On the woods just let me know whatever combos I guess if you want a different combo on shaft head and we can figure out a price. Can ship out tomorrow. 1. Scotty Cameron champions choice newport 2 button back. 35 inches grip still in plastic and sole in plastic. Rolled a few inside but it’s brand new. $old 2. Odyssey White hot OG 1ws stroke lab 35 inches. brand new never used still has the tags on it. $220 3. Titleist ts2 15 3 wood with ventus black velocore 8x. $330 4. titleist Ts3 15 3 wood with classic fujikura tour spec 8.2 x. $240 5. Titleist tsi3 15 3 wood with fujikura pro 73x. $250 6. titleist Ts3 8.5 driver head $175 7. Titleist tsi3 9 degree with a tour issue elements gold 6f5 which is 65x. Got it off the tour van a few years back. Very cool setup. $450 8. Taylormade p790 udi 2 iron with tour ad di 95x. $200
  3. Prices include shipping open to trades if it’s something great but would rather have cash. 1. Sim2 9 head with headcover. Only hit 5 balls with it. Brand new basically SOLD 2. odyssey limited edition highway 101 7 with leather grip. 35 inches. SOLD 3. Taylormade p790 udi 2 iron with tour ad di 95x. SOLD 4. Bettinardi slot back armlock with Rosemark grip. Headcover is brand new. SOLD any questions or additional pics just send me a PM
  4. Up for trades but would rather have cash on these. Prices include shipping. 1. ventus black 7x from Taylormade tipped and inch. 44.5” raw length with zgrip. Only hit a few balls. $250 SOLD 2. ventus black 7x standard tipping. 44.25” with Taylormade tour velvet. Also only hit a few balls with it. $250 SOLD 3. mint ghost spider belly 43 inch that was professionally turned into an armlock a few years ago. Only switching because they came out with the 2 ball ten armlock. This thing is mint with 6 degrees loft and foraward press built in. Very rare. $180 4. Atmos blue 8x hybrid shaft with titleist tip. 40 inches. $80 5. pxg 0811 xt 10.5 with hzrdus green 6.5. Brand new only hit a few balls. My loss is your gain after they lowered the price until the end of august. Bought it before they started all that garbage. $320 SOLD 6. golf pride z grip cord pulls. 13 and 3 extra grips I had 16 grips total. The z grips were only used this summer. They are standard size just went with the midsize when I regripped. A lot of life left. $100
  5. Price includes shipping. Prefer to sell but if you give me a killer trade deal I could be up for it. 1. Taylormade m5 driver head only $170 2. Project x 7.0 shafts. Came out of standard length titleist MB’s. Great shape with fresh midsize blue and black multi compounds. 4-pw $215
  6. All prices include shipping. Would prefer to bundle some stuff just because I don’t know that I have enough shipping boxes for all these individually. 1. Ventus black velocore 7x tipped an inch. Taylormade tip. Basically brand new. $270 2. hzrdus green hulk small batch 65 6.5 tx. Taylormade tip and also basically brand new. $old 3. LAGP Trono 65x with Taylormade tip $old 4. fujikura speeder tour spec 7.2 x with titleist fairway tip. $old 5. atmos tour spec blue 8x titleist hybrid shaft. Brand new never used $85 6. daddy long legs in fantastic condition at 38 inches. Just can’t find these in this kind of shape these days. $old
  7. Up for grabs is a callaway epic speed triple diamond ls 9 degree with TA serial. Tour authentic limited release. Have two amazing shafts with it as well. Pricing breakdown below: LAGP trono 65x 44” without head - $260 Head with tour ad iz - $old
  8. I would entertain trades if they were favorable for me and you were looking to get rid of some stuff but mostly looking for cash. Will consider offers as well. All prices include shipping 1. Tsi3 9 degree with tensei white pro 1k tx. It’s tipped an inch and plays just over 45”. Mint condition all the way around $traded 2. Tour ad di 7x with titleist tip. Tipped an inch and plays just over 45 inches. $old 3. fourteen fh1000 3-pw 8 clubs total modus 105x shafts. Standard length and lie. Half inch long. $425
  9. Cool stuff up for grabs today. Been experimenting a lot with some stuff and now some of it must go. Every price includes shipping and I’ll also entertain trades if you’re just looking to get rid of some stuff. 1. Sim 2 10.5 head only $400 2. Tensei av raw blue 75x fairway shaft Taylormade tip. $100 3. tour issue Taylormade m3 15 3 wood with atmos tour spec black 7x and z cord. $old 4. Fujikura speeder tour spec 7.2 x with titleist tip 3 wood shaft. $85 5. Tour issue callaway rogue 3 wood (tc serial) with rdx black 6.0 tipped half inch. $140
  10. all prices include shipping and would entertain offers and trades. let me know if you have any questions. I’ll ship next day. 1. Tour issue Taylormade spider x no line 35”. Mint condition. $285 2. Taylormade vault spider x center shaft 34”. Mint condition. These are pretty rare. $old 3. 2021 piretti cottonwood 2 303 midnight. 34.5” basically brand new and will ship in the piretti box that it came in from factory. Gorgeous putter. $old 4. Toulon Las Vegas h7 arm lock putter. 38 inches with wrist lock grip. Awesome setup with the black shaft. $old 5. brand new sim2 10.5 head. Only played 2 rounds with it. Mint condition. $400
  11. Bunch of items must go to pay for a golf trip. Titleist tsi3 9 degree driver with tour ad di 7x tipped half an inch. This was done from factory. Still plays standard length. Has mcc align grip and headcover. Club is mint. Haven’t played much lately. $old Titleist tsi3 15 degree 3 wood. Has project x hzrdus yellow handcrafted 6.5 76g shaft and z cord grip. Absolute bomber here. Don’t have a headcover for it. Mint condition $old Mizuno mp20 utility 2 iron with project x smoke black 6.0 90g shaft and tour velvet cord. In great shape. $old Titleist u500 3 iron with modus 120 tour x. Great shape with z cord grip. $old Tour issue “tc” serial callaway rogue 15 degree 3 wood with hzrdus rdx black 6.0. Comes with epic headcover. $150 Ventus black velo 6x titleist tip. Tipped extra half inch from factory. Still standard length. Z cord grip. Hardly used. $old Fujikura speeder tour spec 7.2 x driver and 3 wood shafts. Standard tipping on these with titleist tips. $85 (driver shaft sold already) project x evenflow red max carry handcrafted 85 x 6.5. Pulled out of a tour issue Taylormade 4 wood. Solid feel. $60 open to trades if you have something good but would really rather have cash.
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