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  1. Decided to give up on competitive golf. Just in it for fun now. So.... For your consideration: Used Bushnell Tour X Laser Rangefinder Comes with: - Original Box - Original Paperwork - Carrying Case (shows some light wear, see pictures) - Lens Cloth - Slope Face and USGA Competition Compliant Case (aka Red & Black Faces) w/ cloth baggy Item in excellent working condition as of this post. Item sold "AS IS". Continental US Only. $SOLD Please PM me directly if interested. Apologies as I forgot the ever so important sight shot
  2. ​Current USGA handicap: 9.4 What are your current irons and shafts (be specific): Bridgestone J15DPF (4-PW) w/ Dynamic Gold s300 shafts (stiff) Were you fit for your current irons? If so, where / when? No State why you'd want to attend this exclusive opportunity to be fit at TaylorMade Golf: I have always been a fan of TaylorMade Golf clubs, but have yet to find a set that truly earned the right to be in my bag. I would be greatly interested in the opportunity to be accurately fit for a set of TaylorMade irons.
  3. ????? I've shot in the 80s since middle school....that would be about 13 nevermind...it should be "couple" not few.
  4. I'm 33....been playing golf since I was 8. Have always used athleticism to cover up swing faults that I know about but can't seem to wrap my head around. I've been a mid to high 80's shooter for a few decades now, but never really progressed from there. I can get into the high 70's - low 80's if I get on a run where I practice daily. I was looking through Virtusoso's Hogan's Heroes Thread, and saw a drill that goes directly to my biggest swing fault. The "belt around the torso and upper trail arm" drill I became a completely different golfer in an instant with that belt on. I st
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I think this is all solid advice.
  6. I appreciate all of the feedback and conversation. I want to say that I love the ball and its performance. Also, I definitely agree that just about any ball is going to show some kind of wear from colliding with a hard object at 100mph, particularly scuffs. In the standard golf use, I did not see have any wear issues with the stand alone sleeves. But when I purchased the box, it seems like the first two sleeves had issues with scuffs on full shots, not wedges, after just one or two holes. In the non-typical golf round area, what I am also saying is that I have never seen a brand ne
  7. Slightly harsh comment, and I don't disagree except for the fact I have not noticed the same issues as quickly when playing ProV1, SuperSoft, or Z Star. (or Pentas, TPs, etc). Since I didn't see it in the first sleeve, I was leaning more towards a bad box.
  8. After reading some solid reviews regarding the new TP5x golf balls from Taylormade, I went out and purchased 2 sleeves. I was really, really impressed with the performance of the first sleeve in practice. With that said, I have noticed some durability issues. #1 - I managed to top one and it caught the edge of a retaining wall, and it literally left a half inch long crack where you could see inside the cover. I've had similar incident occur before (though not as severe) and so I thought nothing of it and decided to buy two boxes. I played in a tournament over the weekend and went
  9. I usually warm-up 45 minutes to an hour prior to tee time for tournaments (putting chipping/pitching full shots). Practice rounds I typically don't warm up at all.
  10. I have a definitive re-occurring issue with very poor starts for tournament play. I do not see these issues during practice, but when it comes tournament time, I will spend the first 5 or 6 holes playing like a 100 shooter. Poor ball placement, hitting into trees, hitting OB, poor striking resulting in multiple doubles in a row. Then I will focus in and tell myself that there is no more room for error and will usually get back on track. In multiple tournaments, there has been a 8-10 stroke difference between my front 9 and back 9 (yesterday's event was a 48(+12) [+8 came on first 4 h
  11. Rebuilt my bag at the start of the year with the original intent of finding a setup more in-line with my abilities. Ended 2016: (HDCP 13) Ping i25 Driver Titleist 915 3 Wood Adams Peanut 3 Hy Adams CMB 4 - PW Mixed Wedges (Nike, SCOR, ?) SeeMore FGP blade Early 17 Rebuild: Callaway XR Pro Driver Titleist 915 3 Wood Mizuno 900 3 Hy Srixon 945 4-PW Bridgestone J15 Wedges Taylormade Spider Black Handicapped varied wildly from a 10 when I practiced daily to an 18 when it mattered most. I came to the realization I had once again let my ego drive my bag setup rather than my ability. June
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