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  1. Good Morning all! I have a client (big box store employee here) who has now broken three driver shafts at the adaptor / shaft insertion area. I don't know the particulars about his first two but I did install the third one. Background: R15 driver First two were stiff flex (don't know shafts) and third was speeder 661 x-stiff. Speeder was from an M2, not sure if it was original or if that was also a pull. All shafts were pulls. Has good speed @110 MPH SS Good ball striker - very few hits on heel Not an angry golfer - no slamming club on ground (I
  2. I've played Ping drivers as far back as the I20 and every time I've ordered the same 'options' : Digitally lofted at 10.5 : Face square at neutral setting : With the G410 and 425 I've asked for the SW to be at D2 : Name etched on club (this is me being a diva they've always been bang on.
  3. That's a great question. The answer is; as an employee of 'the store' there are so many rules employees must adhere to in social media, blogs and all other forms of media. We can't advertise or represent 'the company' without authorization, etc. I have no issue with those rules. I'm a full time part time guy and I would hate to lose my job over a post taken the wrong way by management. It's a WRXers dream - industry prices and all the toys all day everyday! And yes, the grip sale wiped out most of the stock.
  4. Hi All, I work in a large retail golf store in Canada. The management team had a meeting with Grip Pride and GP will not be sending us anymore grips for the immediate future. All their grips will be sent to OEMs. I have not heard about Lamkin, Super Stroke or Winn. I guess this follows the delays from the OEM regarding components and therefore orders. Sorry for the bad news
  5. I've read differing opinions, so can anyone confirm that the Ping Tour 65 in Reg is counter balanced? I am ordering an Accra TZ6 CB just to test out with that head. Has anyone had any experience with the TZ6 CB in how high its balance point is? I have a g400 max with a tour 65 in stiff and the SW is still really high - D5-6 but as with all WRXers I am already abandoning it for the G425 Thank you
  6. I'm interested in this too!!! So briefly...driver SS max 90mph and currently play the G410 3 and 5 woods. 3W (turned to 15.5) originally had the tensei orange in 70s, for me played soft to flex but the CB messed with my swing, couldn't feel the head. Swapped out for a Tour AD Di 7 I had in an epic 3w (so with Cally having a high BBTG it basically played to a 'soft' stepped in the Ping). Love it!! Carry off the deck is @200 yards (I know an embarrassment compared to most wrxers ) but it's the best 3W I've ever hit. I have a very flat swing plane so the shallow head a hot face is gr
  7. Cobra F9 and original Epic SZ
  8. I know! But it was stock! I didn't add anything to the head!
  9. Follow this closely....seeing as the Ping heads are some of the heaviest on the market (my G400 max at 45in plays very heavy @D6.5 with the stock Ping tour shaft) and I like a light SW (@D1-2). Couldn't get along with it. That's why I didn't get the G410 as I was afraid of the heavy SW and opted for the Cobra Speedzone. So does anyone know if you can get a lighter G425 head? I guess the aldila rouge counterbalanced can help.
  10. I work at big box store and I order blind. The guys at the store fall in a couple of camps: 1. Test as much as possible and pick the best one (small minority ) 2. Based on our biases toward a company) 3. Based on what fits the eye. But we all kind of touch each camp. Personally, the shape is my reason. 'Square-ish' top lines are hard to come by - so Srixon it is for me. Titleist t100 are too hard to hit for me and the Mizzy irons are to 'roundish'
  11. Just wondering if you asked for any tip trim instructions? I have a g410 5w with the EF black 85 and it feels like a noodle - probably not tipped. Ping, I believe but don't quote me, don't tip any of their shafts (there's a thread on the G410 hybrid with the Tensei that feels soft). Further to that I have a G410 4H and Ts 4H both in the Tensei Pro blue 85 and they feel different - Ts much stiffer.
  12. You can always custom order and ask for 'neutral face at standard' and have an exact loft ('digital lofted') I've done that for the past several generations of Ping drivers.
  13. HI Stuart, thanks again for the response as I have mentioned this on a previous thread. Do you think it would help us if OEM's stated BBTG measurements? We can then know how a particular shaft would play in any head. So if OEM A has a BBTG of 1" and OEM B is at 1 1/2", shaft X would be in essence soft stepped in OEM B. Maybe most of us won't notice? But some of us would like to have that information? Just my thoughts.
  14. This is something I've been trying to find information on...tipping driver shafts and BBTG measurements So what I've found from my research and asking questions is that: Ping heads have a small BBTG measurement Callaway and TM have some of the highest measurements. So that would make sense with Krt22's comment that TM tips their shafts 1" ( to make shaft play to 'flex' I guess you need to find out what the BBTG measurements are - then figure out how much to tip your driver shaft. I custom ordered a cobra SZX with a Di 6 and I found out cobra doesn't tip their sha
  15. Good luck and I hope it works out especially during covid. I was lucky enough to have travelled for one month back in 2011. Travelled single and played 28 rounds in 28 days. The way I looked at it when organizing my trip was either 1. Visit all the 'Open' rota and 'big name' courses or 2. Pick an area and play everything around it. Either way you can't lose. I ended up picking option 1. Drove roughly 1000 KM from East Lothian, up to the Highlands, back down to Ayrshire and finished in Fife. My only regret was that I played a couple of the 'big/major' courses just once and I don't rem
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