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  1. I noticed my feedback on user dmonaco19 has been deleted. I re-entered it and it has been deleted again. Why? Are some users not allowed to give feedback? For your info, the negative feedback he posted about it is totally false. The feedback I posted about him was simply "Posted false feedback". Is that against the rules?
  2. [quote name='CCUgolfer23' timestamp='1423273875' post='10902997'] When these posts were made, your name wasn't outed yet so nobody knew who we was referring to. Sorry the 3 of us were looking out for the betterment of this community. Could we have worded things better, yeah probably, but when someone starts a thread like that, people need to know who the guilty party was. And you called the OP in that thread a whiner, that's where my beef with you started. You didn't handle that well, that's on you not me. [/quote] And none of you invited me to the thread after my name was publicly posted i
  3. I requested an apology in the thread. Noone responded. If anyone of the 3 send apology for their remark by PM or otherwise I will edit out their name.
  4. I agree with the intent. But I question whether your admins are actually doing that. I was involved this week in a buy/sell dispute which is your recommended way of deaiing with it. The buyer started a "highly slanted" topic on it, but did not invite me to join. After I joined, I was the victim of a number of foul language name-calling incidents. Your admin said nothing about those, just told me I was making myself look bad by responding. As such I would like to request ejection from forum, or other disciplinary action on the following users: #### deleted info will be sent by private e
  5. Admin named Geo is the poorest excuse for an admin I've seen. Suggest you drop him from the team. I reported an incident of privacy copyright violation. He refused to remove and his reponse was to rudely tell me "[color=#282828]Just. Stop. Please. "[/color] [color=#282828]I would also like to add your admins are not even knowledgeable of your own web site rules. When profanity is posted, merely replacing the profanity with #$#$# is not acceptable as per your Rules and Terms. The entire post should be removed and the poster should be informed of his violation of agreed rules.[/color]
  6. [quote name='kcsf' timestamp='1423106236' post='10887457'] Do you find it odd that absolutely no one is backing you? Are we all conspiring against you? [/quote] Yes, I do find it strange that "name-calling" and "posting private emails" is condoned by the posters in this thread. And anyone who doesn't give refund within 24 hours will be subject to this type of behavior. Yes, I do find it odd.
  7. [quote name='dmonaco19' timestamp='1423014528' post='10880135'] Listen, im not trying to bury the guy, [/quote] Ok, I'm not trying to bury you either: A feedback for the OP: [color=#5A5A5A][size=3]"Seller reneged on club sale... did not even own the item he sold(agains site rules) I would never ever deal with him again... As bad of a transaction as I have encountered. PERIOD"[/size][/color] [color=#5A5A5A][size=3]OP reneged on a deal with me also.[/size][/color]
  8. [quote name='rjp322' timestamp='1423103270' post='10887161'] Id love to bet on the outcome. How are you so upset over $45, I mean thats a dozen golf balls. I just dont get it. All of this could have easily been avoided if you werent a giant PITA [/quote] Some of us have to work for a living. Buyer cancels a deal because I don't respond within a few hours while I'm at work I'm called a total #$#%$# because I haven't refunded in less than 24 hours (after working 12 of those hours). You guys are wonderful to deal with.
  9. [quote name='squishyy' timestamp='1423055595' post='10882165'] Hold on guys, do you think that the seller would have a different tone if the letter was introduced to him? Did the op show the seller the letter before sending off the message? Just playing devils advocate here but I do agree that the tone was unnecessary. [/quote] Yes, indeed. The only sensible reply on this thread. I congratulate squishyy on his intelligent remarks. Thank you.
  10. http://performancing.com/legal_issues_of_posting_e-mail_correspondence_on_blog/
  11. [quote name='Arizonalefty59' timestamp='1423021548' post='10880931'] Screw the seller, out his A$$. What a dbag. [/quote] Slander has been reported to management.
  12. Buyer started this thread at 6:41 PM yesterday. Buyer emailed me about the note at 7:34 PM yesterday. Buyer blasts me in this thread making it look like I was already aware of the yellow note when I made my responses to him.
  13. I will also add that seller made deal to buy 2 shafts from me "Sent 27 January 2015 - 07:54 AM Would you do $90 for both shafts shipped to NC?". Message sent at 754 am. I responded ok as soon as I got home from work. Buyer complained I did not respond soon enough and backed out on deal to buy the other shaft.
  14. [quote name='joey2aces' timestamp='1423071956' post='10883785'] refund asap... the seller always files the claim and deals with the shipper. [/quote] That is not true. Either side can file claim. There is a checkbox on the claim as to being the receiver or sender. If buyer had not been so lazy and supplied the note to me immediately things would have been a little different. I will not cooperate with anyone trying to scam the USPS out of money. But after seeing the note (after 2 days) the situation was evident. So all you posters who posted above before hearing both sides of the story
  15. [quote name='rjp322' timestamp='1423013675' post='10880033'] Legit LOLd when I saw the pic of of the box. OP you should be refunded asap. Good luck [/quote] There are hundreds of empty box scams similar to this. Just read on Amazon. I informed buyer that I would agree with USPS response and refund money then. Information on the situation was plainly given in the empty box note, but buyer refused to read the note for over 2 days. Buyer could have entered claim to USPS himself, but insisted that I do it. Then he whined about the claim I entered. And several more whining emails.......
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