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  1. Just looked for those PM polos on the Patron site and couldn't find them. Must have sold out already.
  2. Got bored bank in May and made some myself. Got the rods from Lowe's. They're not perfect but all in I was like $20 and only I'm using them so I didn't really care. They seem somewhat flimsy but they've obviously lasted this long in the bag.
  3. Not sure which hats you're referencing but this is directly from the online patrons shop from this year
  4. This year they had some flex-fitted hats if I remember correctly.
  5. Oh I know. Was in the process of filling out the form and the site reset and then said sold out. Ruined my day.
  6. I am not sure information about Michigan is all that helpful about a Golf Passbook in the Charleston area, but.....thanks?
  7. What was the price and courses for last year?
  8. Don't know which one you got, but I've looked into them because I just got a TT putter. This one looks like the lines are pretty long: Amazon TT stencil
  9. Had labrum surgery July 19 and was so torn up they had to detach the bicep and reattach it. Talk about bruising. Become best friends with your wall and bands to stretch that sucker out afterwards.
  10. Hey @mission_scratch love your work. I know you've shown mostly golf shoes and painting over white but any suggestions on how to change up the royal blue and orange on these? I'm a UVA grad and want to make the orange a little darker and change the royal swoosh to more navy. Edit: Guessing I would be better off getting an all-white version and painting that way?
  11. Wikibuy just gave me 20% off orders over $200 with PCFY20CP
  12. Was hoping to luck into a Frank polo at my Marshall's, but they had plenty of Peter Millar summer comfort shirts.
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