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  1. just FYI MRC just got back to me, this is a direct quote from their email... ‘Thanks for reaching out. The measurement from tip to L in Chemical will be 17-1/8", this is from a raw, uncut shaft with no adapter on it. ‘
  2. Anyone have the tip to graphic measurements on the MRC Kuro Kage XT 70TX? I’ve reached out to MRC golf but they haven’t gotten back to me for a while (guessing because of Covid). Any help is appreciated, thank you! JB
  3. New, not hit, not even put in the bag. Took it out of the box, put on my SIM Max head to see how it looks and measure playing length, plays a bit long for me. See pics...gorgeous shaft, golf pride 360 .60R, 2 wraps of tape. Tipped 1”, TM 2* adapter, hair under 43.75” tip to end of grip. $275 OBRO
  4. Got it from a KF Tour player, was built on the van when they made him a few options (this one was only hit a few times)...i fortunately get a decent amount of hand-me-downs.
  5. Titleist 718 T-MB 2i from tour van, with steelfiber 110X, NDMC standard. Near mint ...$150
  6. New, 2 medium tour classic gloves for right handed player (fits on left hand). Both will be sent in one case/envelope/package thingy...$25 shipped for both (not selling individually)
  7. *Prices do not include shipping* (once purchased, you tell me what kind of shipping you want and I’ll do an estimate and send a picture of the calculated shipping, and I’ll ship out once I receive shipping payment) Titleist 716CB, x100 shafts, play +0.25” and 0.5deg flat, standard lofts, swingweight is D5. Shafts do not have labels (looks cleaner in my opinion) these things are sooo clean, grooves are still sharp. One nick on the bottom of the 4 iron by the number. Tour velvet standard grip with 2 wraps...sold Project X Flighted 7.0 shafts 3-P, brand new, uncut. Only taken out of the plasti
  8. PXG Gen1 15* fairway...plays a little under 43” new grip 2 wraps, shaft/grip set to small “-“ comes with original head cover...$175obo...Unsold.
  9. All are shipped priority mail, PM with questions and reasonable offers, thanks for looking! PXG Brandon Gen1, with headcover...about a season of use. Very soft, great feel, just moving on...35”...gone PXG Gen1 3w head, used for about a year consistently and shows wear, still feels and sounds nice, no headcover...sold Tour Issue m2 Tour 15* head only, with original headcover. I really have no way to prove it but I came from a top ranked PGA tour/Euro Tour player...I don’t know the weight or the specs. I’ve used it on and off for about a year... $90obo (I’ll tell you who it’s from
  10. See pics for condition, no major dings but you can see signs of use. Shipped USPS priority, will come with an M3 headcover. $sold
  11. PXG Gen2 0341X 5W 18* w/ Tensei Blue 80TX, plays a hair over 42”, has weights and melt to make it D6 swing weight. I have the brown leather headcover somewhere. NDMC black/white grip standard 58. See a splash mark on the face, besides that nothing. Shaft/graphics/grip aligned to the small “-“ setting. No trades for this. $225 Tour Issue Titleist 917d3 9.5 head, don’t know specs, has 12g Neutral weight, no headcover. $125 Ping G30 10.5 head, $50
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