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  1. Having 4-5 bone chips removed from my dominant elbow and wondering if anyone who has had this done can share their experience. How long was it until you were back to golf - chipping and putting? Full Swing? Also any post op experience you can share would be great too - pain level, physical therapy, etc Thanks so much!
  2. A little more digging and I’m reading that serial number on every club means it was likely a custom order and I’ve seen others report the same.... that’s a relief
  3. I recently jumped on a deal for some VR pro blades on ebay (3-pw) and i was wondering if anyone can help me figure out if they are authentic. I will post some pictures if needed but here are some observations. 1) matching serial numbers on every iron hosel .... the font looks similar on all of them but it looks like one of the irons might be blurrier to read and all the other ones the text is finer and easier to make out. I have heard others says 1 or 2 irons have the serial number on them but is it odd that every iron would have it stamped? No clue. 2) 3-9 iron have golf pride nike brand
  4. Haha ok man. If you can fly it 250, you can’t hit driver at that range and that was the point. I’ve owned several launch monitors and measured my gapping several times but you’re probably right!
  5. hahaha ok man enjoy your life if you can!
  6. Awesome thanks so much for sharing this. I misunderstood the darker part on the non chrome too. Makes perfect sense now. Do you love em?
  7. if you can't answer a question in a helpful way, best to just say nothing. life tip for you, you will go much further. thank me later
  8. I mean this is just an obvious answer and assumed by all of us. This type of general statement is unhelpful at best. The question i was asking is do they wear faster than other blades or players irons. So if player A took a titleist 620 MB and hit 500 balls in the middle of the face and then took the P7tw and hit another 500 balls in the middle of the face, would the wear be the same or would the p7tws show more wear? From things i have read and observations on sets i have actually seen, is that it wears quicker than most other blades or players irons. The question is being asked to P7TW
  9. Just looking to hear from those who ever been using the P7TWs for some time now. How are they holding up? Is face durability an issue? Have noticed the faces appear to wear quicker than other blades i have seen from light use. I've seen multiple sets listed with very little use on them and the faces already show browning or ball marks. Saw what TM said in their thread about darker milling and face wear but more so wanted to hear from people owning and playing these sets to see if it was an issue for you or if it made you regret getting them. Close to buying a set but want to get some ins
  10. Have noticed a lot of the lightly used sets show more face wear/browning than any other set of blades I have noticed. Love how these feels and thinking of pulling the trigger but hoping to get some more opinions from people that have had them for a while and are still using them. Do you feel like you regret getting them because of this? How are they holding up? Maybe it's not as big of an issue as I think it appears to be but want some more insight before I spend $ on a set of premium irons. For the record, I did read what TM recently said in the ask TM thread about the darker milling on
  11. Can the P7tws be ordered as heads only or as single irons? Thanks in advance
  12. yea i understand the urge to make a comment like that...unfortunately it was a legit problem for me and the reason i didn't renew my membership there
  13. Lol sorry for the confusion. I’m the buyer and I’m white. It’s my YouTube account. I posted the video the seller (black guy) sent me so ppl could see more. Was probably an easier way to post a video but that’s all I could think of. Clubs arrived today, they are gorgeous and appear to be very much authentic. Thanks for the help
  14. Some other of my favorite follows on social which prefer S and T principles; James Jordan, Shkeen, Adam porzak, Adam kollof. Learned a ton following these awesome instructors
  15. Couldn’t agree more. I have thoughts on why the S and T culture is that way, more concerned with being proven right than helping golfers, but I’ll leave that alone. Bottom line, it’s a great set of principles to help golfers play better golf quickly.
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