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  1. Looking for a set of LH clubs for a friend at standard length or .5 over. Looking for a mid level iron, not super game improvement and in good condition. also looking for a driver and it putter in good condition. Total budget is $800
  2. I never said one should be fitted off mats, did I? I also wouldn’t be making a final decision without taking them out in a real environment. Sound has something to do with feel, yes (but not all, you just be watching a lot of mark crossfield!). What I was arguing was I can feel the firmness of the face of an iron plenty fine indoors off a mat. Does turf interaction play a role? Sure. Is it over stated to me? Definitely. But to each their own i guess. I like these irons much more now that I’ve had one built up properly
  3. Yes but clearly the things I’ve heard from people very close to the source would have implications. So I chose not to share. Data is out there tho
  4. Could I? Yes. But Absolutely not. Taking this thread in that direction serves no purpose and is the very thing I mentioned I don’t care for in most loyalists. I will say the data is out there if you are willing to look for it
  5. Plenty of ragging in that group and honestly it’s overkill. Agree to disagree and move on. CH3 is working with Andy these days after losing his form under Dana (who I’ve also spent time with for lessons). He’s finally getting back to good form and expect him to keep going in that direction. Bennett is still plenty involved
  6. My statement was not at all about how the head goes through the turf. My statement was about how center strikes feel and if you can deem that indoors off a mat. Again, you absolutely can. Keep in mind here my original comments had nothing to do with turf interaction. My original harsh comments were comparing the feel of each face. Originally the 2021 t100 felt like cheap piece of trash compared to the 2019. It was clunky and hard. Again, I’m almost certain there was something off with how the club was configured in store. The 7 iron I’m testing now feels much closer to the feel of the 2019 model. Maybe not quite as soft and springy but nothing like what I originally felt. Have been hitting it on my quad now for a week and the performance is impressive
  7. P7mbs might be closer to an exception here. That is a funky sole for sure. Reason why most staffers held onto their 730s I assume. I don’t think I’d have any problem telling you if I enjoy the feel of a center strike hitting it of a mat tho, which was my over arching point. If you buy into the buzz words more than I do, that’s totally fine.
  8. Nope I’m a digger and hit too down on it if anything. The marketing machine works more on some people than others. I could shoot the same score with either iron. Sure the pre worn leading edge on the 19 could make a marginal difference over time. The argument was could you get a sense of how the clubface feels indoors off mats? And the answer is absolutely.
  9. I get the point you are trying to make here but that’s completely false - at least in the context of my post abs experience. I can tell you all need to know about how a clubface feels indoors off of a mat. Now, if you want to buy into “turf interaction” as a consumer, that is your choice. Turf interaction is the most over blown attribute of an iron I have ever seen. But the OEMs want to beat us to death with it and make all the tour players (paid ambassadors) tell you what a big deal it is to them. I’m not saying it’s completely negligible but it is no where near the buying decision factor manufacturers want us to believe it should be. It’s a nice word to sell new clubs every two years. The truth is most iron sets from the big boys these days are so freaking good they all get through the turf pretty good. Some subtle differences, sure. Might one leading edge be better suited for a certain swing style (in theory), sure. But we are talking about unquantifiable statistics. Again, never I have I ever tested how on iron feels indoors off a mat and then taken it outside and noticed a difference of opinion. Almost always, what I get indoors mirrors what I get out doors. Remember we are strictly talking about how the center of a club face “feels.”
  10. I have hit both but never side by side. I am considering both sets. I have a t100 in a 7 iron and might try to find a p7mc in a 7 iron to do some side by sides. Inital thoughts were they both felt good and were easier to hit than i thought. The t100 was less forgiving and signficantly smaller to the eye. By comparison, the p7mc was easy to hit.
  11. As much as i love the system, i couldn't agree more with this. My biggest problem with S&T are the loyalists who go to extreme lengths to prove it by shi**** on others methods and businesses. You don't really find the reverse nearly as much (I have followed Gankas for a while and have not heard him say many negative things about S&T, even if he believes them). The amount of time spent dennouncing others instruction seems arrogant or petty at best. The following is what makes S&T so controversial - their approach is poor. Just have a civilized conversation about why your system is as good as it is without taking shots at others. If the system is as good as you say (and it is), most people who try it will see that quickly. I think the large social media following Gankas got lightning fast really took off his business and maybe some people didn't feel it was justified for the material. Who knows. I do know there is a way to co-exist. Plenty of struggling golfers for everyone to help!
  12. I’m seeing Steve tomorrow and will get the details from him. I know before he started working with Cogorno he offered online lessons and I would think he still does but will confirm. Highly recommend him. Have worked with Eric in person for a few years as well and he is also very good
  13. Another one to consider is Steve Sieracki - very well priced and has taken my game to the next level. Great eye for fixing the 1-2 things preventing you from hitting it good quickly. He is also very closely connected to Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer. Recently he had Bennett out to his club and did a clinic with 4 students. Needless to say, it was an amazing day. Love Bob Grissett also. Andreas Kali seems like he has a factory pumping out juniors with the best looking swings I have ever seen. You can't go wrong there. I have looked into his online stuff and it is pricey but would definitely go see him if i had some money to burn.
  14. this could just be me but do you work for the company in any way? if not, happy you have had some success with it. the amazon review seems so so tbh
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