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  1. I’m not going to try and compare team sport v individual sport wins, its fun - but need more beer for that this in modern era Tiger - 82 Phil - 44 VJ - 34 DJ - 24 Phil is really really good - maddening at times (like Merion on the 114 par 3 - you can’t freakin just hit the green and 2 putt - nooooo you gotta try some knock down, cutting, 3/4 swing 9 iron bs....), but really good
  2. That is what I’d say too - grass doesn’t grow under the shade of a lot of trees The original design theory - makes sense sometime, Oakmont is unique, but not all course are, nor will ever be Oakmont if restored to “original design”. I get this at my club, “the original layout didn't have trees there, or there”. No s___. It was built on an old farm. Doesn’t mean it is going to look or play better if we return it to the cow pasture it was before. A lot of Majors are won on courses with trees in play, and bunkers on the outside of a dog leg.
  3. Anyone else see PR bag on 18, and think he picked up a tractor sponsorship ?
  4. bsc my bad. Rookie error. Next round on me
  5. This needs to be viewed in 2 directions, and this is now difficult in todays era of social media. Yes it can be done, and I think Golf Today did a good job Sunday 10 am broadcast. Viewing some matter through the lens of looking back in time, with new knowledge or with presumptions, or with incorrect knowledge - all distort what you are seeing. We are human, we have bias and stereotypes and these will distort what we see when we look back Rather, try as best as you can, to look at it in real time. Possibly add facts that are known truths that maybe you didn’t know befo
  6. Strength of field is hard to determine The adage - correlation without causation is meaningless. That is little harsh, may be better to say , correlation does not imply causation Bottom line is correlation is hard to determine. Just adding population or adding players from differing country’s does not improve strength of field I’d say, go back and read some on Chad Campbell His playing performance on the Web.com , Hooters Tour , etc. Some thought he was a top 50 player in the world but could not get out of his backer agreement There
  7. WRT to strength of field and competition , I think they both played who they played. Tiger’s 18 WGC wins “could” be discounted due to limited field, made for TV like events. Just as could be said of Jack’s Sahara Invitational, or the 4 Ball, etc. I just don’t buy the agreement one played better fields than the other. TW’s 10 year run was like nothing else. Jack’s career was like nothing else.
  8. CT007

    Morning Drive?

    I listened to the NLU podcast, curious what others heard. But all I heard was - 1. Brandell waived his arms and expressed dissatisfaction with an admitted mistake she committed on air. Not sure how this is unusual or gender based. 2. The Mizuno and LPGA story, is story of how a Mfg treats customers vs. influential promoter of their product. Maybe an issue, maybe not. Yet she took it upon herself to voice this on social media and her employer has a conflict, as GC is both news and promoter of game/advertisers. Probably more the later, this also seems routine and not g
  9. I’d vote Scottsdale Great courses, weather fantastic, casinos if want, hiking, spa’s, normally I’d say food too, but dont know current restrictions there been there several times for golf trips 2nd only to Pinehurst IMO
  10. Anyone read lips? Webb Simpson seem to have heard something from his playing opponent - Satoshi Kodaira After making a birdie on 18 He looked pretty upset talking to his caddy after the birdie, and sorta pointed in the direction of the other player, as if to say , did you hear what he said ? curious
  11. Watching the end of that on 17-18 for Goff and then to see the finish for the Tenn player was tough. Felt bad for all But, what is the point of having a coach on the golf course if not for this type of stuff ? And the teammates , what are they doing? 5 balls in the bunker and seemed like he walked in and hit pretty quick. I know in that moment we all get anxious - but at least try and help him hit the right ball
  12. I’d recommend going North, Most all courses near Butler PA are walkable If you are near Madison, that is a bit of a drive
  13. Dan Halderson. Canadian , won World Cup 2x and 1 PGA tour event, iirc I was in Cabo, some 20 years back at a vendor rewards trip and they had in 8-10 former Pro’s that played in 70’-80’s Only name player was Halderson that i recall. We are playing a round at Ocean Course, Cabo Del Sol. 3 ams. All of us choppers and Dan. He misses 1st green and gets up and in. Hits next 14 GIR and is 9 under walking off 15. We are all in amazement, thinking course record or better. We are whispering to each other, all the while he’s helping reading our putts, and some swing tips. After 15, He stop us
  14. I don’t get these comments about he’s taking someone’s spot. If it was someone’s , then they would have been in the field. DD is a past champion He earned his spot - tell someone to go earn theirs It’s a tough game - for him to post and not WD says way more about him as a person , his character - I respect him even more
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