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  1. Thank you 1. East Amherst NY 2. Usually outdoors 3. No 4. Like to explore a new method of feed back 5.Yes
  2. Tom Bertrand will sell a download pdf of maximum golf quick google search
  3. I follow a combination of Sygenta, Bayer and BASF. Sygenta (GreenCast) is a great resource for disease control including ABW, nematodes and other diseases. Also includes pgr. I use musketeer . Grass isn’t made to be cut at 1/10 of an inch. My green is mostlu 777 bentgrass with a touch of piranha and 007.
  4. Hey Guys green is finally starting to fill in after torturing it to the h.o.c. Of .115 fast and very true at the very least country club speed
  5. Tour issue M1 and M2 10.5 driver heads. both have neutral face angles both in good shape 125 each shipped
  6. Find a push broom with soft bristles. After top dressing use the push broom to brush in the sand. Green looks great With our crazy spring here in Buffalo, my growth has been sporadic. Need some nice 70 degree days
  7. Looks great! Color and density really nice for a year old green. Saturday I aerated, inter seeded, put down fungicide and top dressed with 1000 pounds of sand. % hours start to finish.
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