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  1. From the tour dept made for a D1 player. 10.5 loft very good shape no marks $240 sold
  2. Should be ok. I haven t had issues with freeze thaw. Just don’t want an ice rink on top
  3. did my final cut before thanksgiving at .125 treated with 5 oz proxy to help eliminate poa it had continue to to grow since last cut and this weekend A squirrel got in my shed and tried to it granular fungicide so the remainder of the granular went on for snow mold (ocd)
  4. I retreated my green for snow mold after the snow melted. Cleared out more trees for better airflow. Just a waiting game now until better weather
  5. 1. East Amherst NY 2. 0 3. Epic Sub zero with Diamana BF 60 TX 4, Category 5 60 TX 5. Played KBS tour iron shafts and use the prototype hybrid shaft. Make Excellent shafts 6. Of course
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