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  1. Thanks for the responses. I agree that the fitter was correct in pushing him towards low bounce clubs; in fairness, he went through the JPX 921 Forged/Hot Metal Pro, HMBs, P770s, P790s, i500. He couldn't seem to get any consistent strikes except with the MMCs and i500. I have a set of i500s, so I'll let him try them. In terms of weighting, he went through various shaft weights. He concluded that the heavier shafts helped to promote better contact. He didn't change head weight if that is the concern. I'm hoping that he likes either my i20s or i500s, as it will save me some scratch. In the meantime, I'll keep my eyes open for a good deal on MP18 or MP20 MMCs.
  2. Got my son a fitting with a top 100 club fitter. He had some great insight. The boy is an 18, took golf up 2 years ago. Has a decent swing speed (driver 102, 7 iron 84), but erratic contact. Tends to hit thin. Using i20s that seem to work, but they need shaft repairs, so I figured I'd pay for a fit to see if it's worth repairing with shafts that don't work. The fitter pushed low bounce irons to improve ground strike, so he concentrated on Mizuno. He seemed to strike the MMCs the best. I figured that the Hot Metals would come out on top, but he never got comfortable with them. When I questioned the pro about the MMCs not being forgiving enough, he poo-pooed forgiveness, saying that his good strikes were among the best with the MMCs, and he seemed comfortable with them. He felt that, with improvement, the forgiveness wouldn't be an issue. So, should reviews go out the window? I seriously considered the MMCs, but worried about consistency. For now, I'll have him use my some of my old clubs. He actually fits into a stiff 120g shaft which is what I use, so he can play around with one of the many sets I have lying around. Before finding a used set of MMCs, I was hoping to get some other opinions. Thanks.
  3. From the original post, I inferred that the first episode was simply a club head separation that Ping repaired. I wouldn't think that they would replace the shaft in this situation. The OP subsequently said that the first repair was a shaft replacement. Is this the case? I don't see how the manufacturer can be expected to warranty graphite shafts for an extended period of time. Instead of looking at the failures at a similar time as unusual, one could speculate that, with consistent use over time, the shafts are approaching their fatigue failure threshold. I have used Ping since 1990. I've only had one failure, an 8 iron with a KTM shaft that broke at the hosel. It was probably 7 years old. They didn't cover the repair, and had no direct replacement shaft available, so I ended up sending the other clubs back to get reshafted. Didn't think it was unreasonable, as I had hit a lot of balls during with that club. My guess is that, if there were a true manufacturing defect (as opposed to at least some attrition factor), Ping would have come through.
  4. For some reason, the guy who repaired my i500s, a fitter who is always on the top 100 fitters in the country (so no dummy), used both the Ping ferrules and shims on mine.
  5. I might look for a bigger head driver. Forgiveness could be your friend.
  6. I've had issues with replacement shafts in my i500s. I bought them reshafted and all of them got loose. I had a Golf Galaxy re-epoxy them, and they all got loose again. Finally, I had a custom shop repair them using shims because they said the hosels are tapered; so far, no issues. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1690546-question-about-reshafting-ping-i500/?tab=comments#comment-22537636 https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1669766-insertion-depth-of-pings-whosel-weights-g410-g700-i500/
  7. Believe it or not, probably my PW. I like playing the blue tees at the courses I play, so I'm usually hitting 150-180 yard second shots on par 4s and either 3 wood/2 hybrid or layup to 100 yards on par 5s. Maybe used it 2x in the past month.
  8. I drive a lot for most of my golf. My primary club is about 1 1/4 hours away, but well worth it. I typically play there once a week. My wife and I also spend most of our weekends at the NJ shore; I drive about 40 minutes to play there. I don't mind the drives, especially since my 2 clubs are usually pretty open when I go out. At home, when I play as a single on a cart, I'll spend more time on the road than I do playing.
  9. I've been kicking around the idea of getting some Mizunos. I've gone back and forth between the MP 20 MMC, HMB and JPX 919 Forged. Currently using i500s which I don't think have a lot of feel.
  10. I agree with a used set. When my kids were young and just thinking of starting, I kept my eyes open for good deals at big box stores. I ended up with old sets of Big Berthas, 845s and Big Bertha Fusion. All are super forgiving, and I think they were about $150 each. Figured they were excellent quality clubs that could last them until they improved enough to upgrade. They're actually still using them. Tried them recently and they're effortless to hit.
  11. I've said the same thing multiple times. Now I've stopped fooling myself. There's no way this works unless you become unplugged. The internet is poison for keeping the status quo.
  12. eugkim

    Keep old clubs?

    I've never gotten rid of any of my old clubs. Pretty stupid - now most aren't worth much of anything. I'll probably always keep my 2 Ping eye 2s, BeCu eye 2, BeNi ISI and Wilson Staffs, but I'd just assume get rid of everything else.
  13. Cheapest way is to go to a golf shop. When I went to Florida a few years ago, Golf Galaxy shipped a huge box with 3 full sets for less than $15. I had Edwin Watts send them back for about $17. The shops have special deals with UPS that discount the rates.
  14. Had a similar situation recently where I lost my PW when I was in Florida. I was resigned to writing it off. At some point, I thought I'd order an exact replacement from Ping, but I figured I'd try using a Vokey 46 for a while. One day, happened to look on ebay and found my PW listed (had a yellow grip and C taper shaft, both unusual) - contacted the seller to see if he'd sell it to me cheaper because I was sure it was mine. I described where I thought I might have lost it. He answered that he found it where I described, and sent it back to me for shipping cost. Might consider pulling a 7 iron out of an old set for a while and see if it turns up.
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