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  1. It would be cool if you did though!!!
  2. Don't do it. The tip was not designed for the head weight of an iron.
  3. Did anyone ever send you a pic? if so could you shoot it over my way
  4. VA Nemysis! Most counterbalanced shaft on the market. Feels and looks great.
  5. It's just a Robertson bit. I'm going to guess like size 6. Very common in Canada but you can find them at most hardware stores.
  6. My mistake as well. I should have been more clear. I hope my last comment didn’t come off as stand offish. That was not my intention!
  7. I was not confusing hand finishing with forging... I was trying to get the point across that they were not milled and would fall more inline with the Gen 3 irons being forged 5X vs milled like the ST
  8. This is just what I'm hearing coming from some of the reps. I play the Gen 3 T's right now and really enjoy them. I do not disagree with your statement. I could see them phasing out the ST's just due to the insane cost but then again it is PXG and some people will want that option.
  9. Kinda! It will be a blade like the ST but it will be forged and not milled like the ST.
  10. I don't have too much knowledge yet but its coming down the pipeline that PXG will be releasing a forged blade that will fall in the price category of the GEN 3 irons. I know they have the STs that are milled but a cheaper blade option opens up another (Small I know) chunk of the market. Has anyone else heard anything?
  11. But he bends it 2.5 degrees strong so it would only have around 10 degrees of static bounce. That's not out of the realm of normal. Also what is his dynamic/effective bounce at impact. That's more important then the number on the club.
  12. Does Phil just love offset? 56 down 2.5 degrees....
  13. Interesting with the different grooves. Do you like them better then the other sets you have had? See any difference?
  14. Sorry! I just saw them for the first time!
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