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  1. Please change my name to: Darth_Fader thanks in advance!
  2. You mean less load/unload? What is the flight like compared to HD? What weights do you use?
  3. Hi guys, I used the HD 7X in my driver last year and loved it. Has anyone tried the HD and also the UB? How do they compare? thanks!
  4. NEW Ping 2021 Oslo H 35" Putter New, never gamed. Just hit some practice putts, and am just more comfortable with a different head shape. Stock specs. 35". Ping PP60 grip. Comes with matching head cover. Would like to sell for $225 OBRO shipped and PP. Trade interest in the following only please (I can add cash as needed): New/mint Scotty Special select Newport or Newport 2 35" New/mint Scotty Phantom 5.5 35" Titleist driver shafts - tipping must be known and must play at least 45" installed (44" end-to-end shaft length) Ventus Black 6X or 7X Ventus Blue 6X or 7X Tour AD UB 6X or 7X Tour AD HD 6X or 7X Anything else cool! I ship from Canada with Fedex, so super easy for both US and Canadian buyers. Cheers!
  5. Callaway Apex TCB 4-PW Irons Tour Issue Dynamic Gold X100 The clubs are new. Only the 7 iron has been tested for some shots. +0.25” length, standard loft and lie. D4 swingweight. Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. No trades unless you have a new set of 2021 T100 or T100S with a X flex shaft. Asking $1275 OBRO shipped with FedEx and PP. Cheers
  6. Prices including Fedex shipping and PayPal fees. SIM2 10.5 HD 7X driver - Very clean shape overall some light tee marks on the sole - Ordered D4 @ 45” - No tipping on the shaft (standard for driver) - TM Tour Velvet grip, logo down, +1 wrap $625 $530 including for the full club $350 $320 head only with headcover and wrench $250 $220 shaft only SIM2 Max 15 HD 8X 3 wood - Mint condition, really hard to tell it was even hit - Ordered D3 @ 43” - 0.5” tipping (standard for a 3 wood) - Tour Velvet grip, logo down, +1 wrap Sold sold sold!!! I ship from Canada with FedEx so it’ll arrive pretty quickly! Easy for both Canadian and US buyers alike! No trades please. Cheers pin 11/21
  7. Aftermarket Callaway Hybrid Weight Set (Apex, Apex Pro, etc.) Set of five (5) aftermarket Callaway hybrid weights (2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 gram). These work in the 2021 Apex and Apex Pro hybrids (and Epic Super hybrid I believe, not 100% sure). Asking $30 OBRO shipped and PP.
  8. Can someone please confirm MSRP on these and release date? Jan 2022? thanks!
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