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  1. Shipping from Canada so friendly shipping to both US and Canada buyers!! I ship FedEx Express so it's fast and reliable! Both shaft brand new, never hit a ball! SOLD RDX Black 6.0 Stiff flex, 70 gram, plays stock specs from TSi2 15 deg 3 wood, with Titleist adaptor installed RDX Black 6.0 Stiff flex, 80 gram, plays stock specs from TSi2 21 deg 4 hybrid, with Titleist adaptor installed Asking $110 OBRO shipped and PP for the hybrid shaft.
  2. WTB: Titleist TSi3 driver weight +2Please let me know if you have one you can sell me1 Cheers
  3. WTB: new/mint TSi2 15 deg fwy and TSi3 20 deg hybrid heads must be willing to ship to Canada please let me know what you have! cheers
  4. New or like new with driver 6X and 3 wood 7X must be able to ship to Canada immediately! cheers
  5. Must be able to ship to Canada! Ideally I’d want a 6X/7X or 7X/8X combo Shafts should be new or like new, with tipping and length known. Preferred shafts include: - Ventus Blue - Tensei 1K - Tour AD TP, DI, IZ - Accra TZ5 - Diamana ZF let me know what you got! Cheers!
  6. NEW SIM2 19.5 deg 3 hybrid Ventus Blue Velocore 9X Sending from Canada with FedEx, so friendly to US and Canadian buyers!! Wrapper removed, never hit a ball. Comes with matching head cover, no wrench. Ordered directly from TM. 0.25" short (so plays 40" like standard for Titleist and Callaway 3 hybrids). Golf Pride Tour Velvet grey/black 360 grip standard size, +1 wrap. Asking $390 shipped and PP, OBRO. Only trades considered: New/mint TSi2 15 deg 3 wood head New/mint TSi3 20 deg 3 hybrid head Must be willing to s
  7. SOLD SOLD SOLD Shipping from Canada via FedEx so it will arrive quickly and safely to either US or Canadian buyers! Hit a few balls indoors for testing. Hard to tell it was even hit. Photos show the minty-ness! MMT 105 TX factory installed, plays 0.5” short (so more consistent with a normal 4 iron length). GP TV 360 grip. Asking $SOLD shipped and PP. No trades please. My bag is set for the season! Cheers
  8. Given the TCB are released in limited quantities, does anyone know if the jaws forged wedges will be released too? If yes, is there a confirmed released date? Thanks!
  9. Will the JAWS Forged wedges be released in US/Canada anytime soon? Is the mid-April date after The Masters still true? Thanks!
  10. put a counter weight in the butt end of the grip
  11. Brand New, has not touched a ball 2021 Aldila Rogue Black 90 TX Standard 19* Length and Tipping 39.5” tip to grip Tour Velvet 360 Standard Grip (No Arccos) G410/425 Hybrid Shaft Adapter installed in Flat Setting Can pull the adapter prior to shipping, but cannot install another adapter No Trades $105 USD Shipped —> TRADED!! Can ship anywhere in Canada and Continental US.
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