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  1. I played a new course for my first round back after SIP eased and hadn't played since Sept 2019. Huge mistake. I was on track for 100+ if I had finished the last 3 holes so thank goodness for daycare pickup! It was truly ugly, but don't get me wrong, as I still loved being out there playing. Next round a week later was my home course and I shot an 80 which is great for me. This game is amazing.
  2. Two rounds of 18 each week for me and my back would be ideal. Need time to recoup. If it's a golf vacation them way more! haha
  3. Selling off a few odds and ends that didn't work out 1) EVNROLL ER3 Wingblade putter. Played a few rounds and in excellent condition 8/10. Comes with head cover and plays at 33". Has the Super Stroke Pistol GT 2.0 grip. $280 shipped in lower 48. 2) Ping Sigma G Anser Platinum putter. Played one round and in like new condition 9/10. Comes with head cover and plays at 34". Has the Ping Pistol PP60 grip. $OLD 3) Cleveland RTX 4 pitching wedge. Played one round and hit maybe 6 balls so in great shape 9/10. Plays standard L/L/L at 46 degree loft with 8 degree bounce. Standard size tour velvet grip. $OLD
  4. That would make sense about the inflated swing speed number. In the last 10 years I've had an average carry of 260-270 so I can't imagine getting any faster with my bad back. With this check up I was wondering if that launch window was too high cause that ball flight looked insanely high. Hopefully I can try a shorter driver and see if that improves my impact and efficiency.
  5. Definitely fair points on lowering launch angle. I really need to get my smash factor up. Today was a bad day for me strike wise. I was averaging 1.40 with a ball speed of 155 mph. On monitors I usually average around 1.43-1.45 so getting to 163 ball speed will be challenging. Maybe lessons is the right way to go.
  6. I had a Flightscope session today and I believe I can squeeze a little more out of my driver if I make a few changes, but I'm not sure the right way to go about it. I'm not the best driver of the ball to begin with but I get away with it on the courses I play. Any sage advice would be much appreciated! :) Ideas: Lower tee height?Lower loft on driver?Just get lessons?Others thoughts that worked for you...?Details from Flightscope: Swing speed = 111 mphLaunch angle = 16*My driver loft is 9* but dynamic loft is 17* (Probably need to get this under control. I do it higher generally because I have a tendency to get low heel strikes.)Spin 2,236 (seems pretty healthy)AoA = +6*Carry = 275 yards (Flightscope optimizer says I could get to 290-300 carry if I lower launch and spin but this would be an optimal swing. I want the best numbers for swings over a period since there's good and bad days.)
  7. Selling some golf balls. All new in boxes/sleeves. Callaway Truvis. White/Red, 2 dozen. $60 shipped in lower 48Titleist DT TruSoft. 21 white, 3 yellow. $40 shipped in lower 48Buy all for $90 shipped. Please PM with questions or offers. Paypal only. No trades at this time.
  8. Selling two items today with great prices for the premium shaft offerings! These clubs were played sparingly and have tons of life left. I've come to realize my swing needs to change as I get older so it's time to let them go. They are absolute rocket launchers if you have the swing speed to match. Please PM me with any questions. Paypal and 48 state shipping only. No trades and will only sell entire club. Taylormade 2017 M2 Driver - 9.5 degrees. Standard L/L/L. Comes with two shafts - Project X T1100 6.0 65g (MCC +4 standard grip) and stock Fujikura Pro 65g S-flex (stock grip). Includes original M2 head cover, no tool. 8/10 condition. $OLDTaylormade 2017 M2 Fairway - 15 degrees. Standard L/L/L. Shaft - Veylix Rome 888 (very low spin) with MCC +4 standard grip. Includes original M2 head cover. 7/10 condition. $OLD
  9. So my closest range is a little par 3 course and the range balls are abysmal to be kind. First off, they're limited range balls so they fly about 230 yards max to the end of the range. Second, about half the balls in the bucket are usually missing half the dimples or more. I've seen every kind of ridiculous ball flight imaginable (e.g. Draws that draw then fade half way in flight. Perfectly struck 6 irons that drop out of the air after 100 yards, etc). When practicing I've pretty much relegated myself to not focus on the ball flight as much and more on impact and start direction. I believe this has a significant impact to playing well on the course when I'm using a premium ball which flies further and actually retains its shot shape. It's hard to build confidence in what my ball will do when I haven't seen it on the range. Do you guys think it's true if you have the same problem? I'm sure anyone who has access to a nice range probably can't relate as well but I'm still curious if you think this issue does impact a players ability to really improve upon their game. When I see a beautiful range ball in my bucket I get more excited than I care to admit...then pray I don't waste it on a crispy shank. LOL :p
  10. > @HatsForBats said: > **82 on my home course:** I am assuming that is the 67.9/110 rated course you mentioned in an earlier post. > 82 - 67.9 * 113 / 110 = 14.5 Differential > > If you want a legitimate chance at shooting par you need a much easier course at your current scoring ability. Sadly finding an easier course will be very challenging. My only option is to get a lot better! :D
  11. > @HatsForBats said: > Curious, in the past 2 years what is your lowest differential from any given round? I played 18 once last year due to baby. Shot 85 on a par 72 from the whites (69.7/118 rating). This year my lowest score is 82 on my home course so +12 differential. Right on my handicap. LOL > @hoselpalooza said: > i've been as low as -3 on the front nine from the tips but have yet to break par over a full round. going low from the forward tees (and so forth) seems like a good way to build momentum and confidence that could carry over to the longer tees. you also get to see the course from a different perspective or different angles and perhaps develop new strategies. I can really see the logic in this to build confidence if I can turn my home course into a long par 3 basically. I'm about 270-290 off the tee and playing off the reds would make most of the par 4's pretty much a 100 yards or less for the second shot if I'm having a good day driving. Definitely going to try this on the next couple rounds.
  12. > @HatsForBats said: > > @magix said: > > My top goal in golf since the start of 2018 is to shoot par or better on a full 18 course. I've only done it once on a par 3 style course. My 12 handicap basically says my percentage odds is close to zero but I'm one of those eternal golf optimists (aka delusional) that hopes the stars will one day just align. I play from the whites now and it does give me a lot of confidence when I tee it up, especially since I used to play off the blue/black/gold tees with my buddies. Now I play more golf as a single and get to enjoy the company of random strangers regularly. Most are either older in age or younger beginners and they always seem to ask me, "Why do you play off the whites?" I always find this question funny because it has different meanings from everyone. Older playing partners see my length, younger ones see my decent ability and my buddies see it as being lame. My response is always the same, "Cause I'm trying to break par!" ;) Anyone else have a similar experience? Should I try playing off the reds or is that going a little too far? > > > > Just bored at work waiting for 5pm. Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone! > > Maybe you are looking for a par 72 course that has a course rating of about 63 with a 100 slope? If your index is around 12 then a 1 under par 71 would result in a 9 differential for that round which would be a nice round given your index. > > https://ncrdb.usga.org/NCRDB/NCRListing.aspx > > http://www3.telus.net/shebang/golf_handicap_differential_calculator.html Yeah, the one I have available to me to play most often is a 67.9/110 rating from the white tees and it's a par 70. My 'B' game can get me a score in the 70's so I just need some supreme short game help to get to par. I know it's possible but so tough to achieve playing only once or twice a month.
  13. There seems to be a lot of comments about playing tees based on ability or pace. However my golf buddies play the tips so they get the "maximum value" of the course they paid for. LOL Drives me nuts that they look at the game that way but in SoCal a round lasts 4-6 hours anyway so they're not slowing anybody down either.
  14. A lot of great responses! I think next round I want to play from the reds (juniors/ladies) to see what happens to my score. It'll be an interesting experiment I've never tried. I bet I'll get the same question. lol
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