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  1. This would be pushing $1,500 if authentic...IMO the design is pretty cheeky, designer may have a future in putter design!
  2. I couldn't find a definitive statement anywhere, is this bag waterproof? I play a lot of morning rounds in the dew. My Ping Moonlite has the rubber belly which I have had ZERO problems with but I really like the extra cargo (especially the lined cooler pouch) of the Jones Utility Rover but was unsure of the material underneath and if there it'd be a good investment for someone who plays a lot in the mornings. Thanks!
  3. He he beaten you yet? That's next and deserves a dinner! (Speaking as a son) My daughters are 3 and and a half and 1 and a half, am counting down the days for those celebrations! Be well.
  4. I have been looking at the CP2 too. I currently play Golf Pride Tour Velvet and have played the Golf Pride Tour Wrap in the past. I have been wondering about a more corded option but I like the softness of the Tour Velvet (and can't beat the price). I will definitely check those out, thanks for the input!
  5. Very cool. I have a similar rotation between a Newport/Anser style Ping Karsten and the Taylormade Spider Tour (Red). Sometimes you just need a different look to reset the stroke. I like the thought of supporting these American made specialty companies, I am just not at the financial state to be able to afford a lot of them yet...kids put a real dent in the ol' disposable income! Also, do you walk/carry? I like the Taylormade bag you have there. I currently game a Ping Moonlite because I walk unless I have to ride but am not too proud to switch to a lightweight stan
  6. Hi All, My glove recently ripped. Instead of running to the store, I played au natural my most recent round and felt great. I used to play barehanded simply because Freddie Couples did and he IS the coolest guy out there but I won a glove or two from some Member/Guest Tournaments (I was the guest..) so I decided why not, the price was right. With going back to the basics this most previous round I quickly remembered why I ditched the glove in years prior, my swing felt great, grip pressure was ideal, it was an easy decision to play the remainder of this season and into next glov
  7. Love the set up. Especially the colorways on the 3 wood. Looks like you have the Daytona in the bag but how do you like the T Lamb? I know Scotty has a strong reputation but I have been interested in some of these other premier putter companies. Lastly, although no real contribution to the round but the alignment sticks cover is class. Love the splash of prep there!!
  8. Thanks for taking the time! I do work on my game (as much as I can) I'd hope my next set of irons last me 20 years haha (scary to think where the game will be by then...) Christmas IS coming up in a few months...perhaps I found my wish list idea for everyone.
  9. Thank you! I always enjoyed the white on the end of the maroon, black and grey too
  10. First off...Go 'Cocks! Sounds like you are in a similar place with your game. It's almost like a chicken or the egg situation for me. Do I want to continue as is and just wait for it to click (chicken) or do I take the next step to get a fresh set and build my game up around the newbies (egg)? What comes first? Good luck in your quest!
  11. Sorry for the confusion. I am looking into the Ben Hogan Icon irons. Part of the appeal to them was because of my 1st set as a kid which were the BH5 irons (a little nostalgia in a great looking iron). The BH5 would NOT suit my game in any way shape or for (aside from maybe a 3iron to take off the tee but that's another conversation...). I have never been fitted, I grew up public track kid, clubs off the shelf, right to the course to learn how to use them. My overall problem I want to fix with my swing is proximity to the hole and consistency in distances. There is
  12. This is interesting...I am one that would HAPPILY pull 6 iron from 150 if I had to knowing if I put a stock swing on it, it goes 150. That is what led me to the blade (mid-blade) segment of the market which are built for work-ability and consistency (packed in with a little forgiveness). Thanks for that tid bit about the hot face/fliers from the fairways I have to dig more into that.
  13. @Vater thanks! That's hitting home considering the Rocketbladez Tour irons were released in 2012-2013...I have been trying to get a hold of the Ben Hogan Icon demos through their demo program but it appears they're not available which is either a sign it's not meant to be or just another side effect of 2020
  14. 1st off, love the logo...Go 'Cocks! Secondly, grab them! If you cut the shafts back to standard (+ 1" cut 1" = standard length) the lie would still be upright. How do you compare in height to your friend? That'd play into how they'd sit at address/through impact as well. The problem you will run into if too upright, heel will dig and the face will turn over causing a left ball flight. BUT if you have a more upright swing, you may just luck out. Lastly, if cutting the Recoils down, just be careful because when cutting graphite, if not a clean cut you can compromise th
  15. I have been a Taylormade guy for many years but last off season (end of 2018), I bought the PING G400 LST (stock stiff shaft) and haven't looked back! If you haven't tried that yet, I STRONGLY encourage it. It's long and consistent. And since they're a year or two "old" now, you can get them for a pretty good price!
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