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  1. I appreciate your input. Yes, my rotation is nonexistent in these swings. I was strictly focusing on the backswing and just trying to keep one swing thought in my mind. It is usually a little bit more than it is here, but it’s definitely an area that I need to work on. also, the wrist collapse at the top of the swing (or whatever we wanna call it) is sometimes even more pronounced. It’s frustrating, because I’m trying to get it so that it is more on plane/square at the top and I just can’t seem to make it right. I do understand that that is a good move on the downswing once everyth
  2. I have been fighting the top of my backswing for years and years, always seems to get laid off at the last second. I can't tell if it is a fundamental problem or if i'm anticipating the downswing too early with my hands. really been frustrating trying to solve the issue, any help is appreciated. video attached is 2 swings, same swing thoughts/set up. both different at the top. Stills below are of both swings, nearly identical 4/5 of the way back. I've tried shorting the swing, but the same problem pops up. I'd say this happens to 50% of my swings, regardless of its length.
  3. thanks soloman, I have been working on EE, glad to see it has improved. Funny, I hit the ball fairly well when I was EE (it was't that dramatic, but it was still there). Now that i've focused on hip rotation i feel i've lost my plane on the down swing. Now I can't hit the ball for S*it, lol. I'll try out your advice, I appreciate it.
  4. Still working on EE, but now my biggest issue is coming over the top now that i'm really trying to rotate. I know eventually we want to the club to exit left, I can fell that it wants to do that when I take practice swings with good hip rotation. However, now I can't seem to flatten out anymore. It feels like my body is pulling left (it is) but I can't get my hands/club in the proper position. I feel like i've waited to rotate before I start from the top but no luck. Any help is appreciated, really frustrated.
  5. that does seem like something I would do...will post a video to confirm
  6. I have been trying to work on early extensioin and really lower my back side after a deep turn on the back swing (using a chair behind me). Obviously now that i’m changing the angles a little bit on my downswing, my plane is very steep. Is there any advice from those who have battled this, both working on EE and then encountering a a steeper plane on the downswing? Any suggestions are welcome.
  7. Really lose the angle of my right wrist as they come in to impact. Any drills or swing thoughts that can help keep it hinged ( somewhat) as you get through the ball?
  8. Worked on squatting down to start downswing, not sure this is helping or not. Any tips are appreciated.
  9. Thank you for a detailed tip, very appreciated.
  10. Any good drills to stop? Seen a few online....
  11. This is true. My bad. There is zero shaft lean at impact, and obviously my distance is severely compromised. I hit an 8 iron 140-ish??? My ball contact is also very poor and very inconsistent. Hit it both fat and thin.
  12. Have been trying everything for what feels like a lifetime....no improvement at all at impact. any tips are appreciated.
  13. I'm having an impossible time trying to generate a solid strike and consistency. I have worked on a number of drills trying to help with a better contact/Impact position but NOTHING is working. Drills i've used: Place the ball 4-6 inches in front of normal ball position and try to hit a straight shot without hitting the ground Hooded iron at address and try to hit a fade Full back swing but stop when hands are in front of right thigh, then turn through the ball. While they are great drills I'm sure, they have not given me any results. What am I doing wrong? In the video below,
  14. Admittedly, I’m not a professional. But I wanted to get a little advice on my putting. I’ve used aids with mirrors and tees and they really helped. I’m feeling great contact and the ball is rolling well (aim line on ball is straight most of the time). I did want to see if the way my ball come off my putter face was a concern though. In the video I have 2 tees in the ground to show distance (about 8” apart). When I make the putt (solid contact, on my line) the ball seems to be airborne for about 6-8”. It does not appear to “jump up“ , But it did take a while for it to regain contact wit
  15. The club i was using was a 4-iron, and does appear to be a little too far back in my stance. While I agree that that can contribute to my head moving back, i don't think it's the real reason. I do feel my hips are out racing my upper body and that is the real cause if it all. Any drill recommendations to keep the hips more quite?
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