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  1. price droped on APEX.....not afraid to hear an offer, need all this stuff gone ASAP
  2. Cally APEX 19 Smoke 4-P,A stock True Temper Elevate 95 reg flex shafts Bought these last year as new old stock. Cally originally said the smoke would never be offered lefty...they lied. I found this set online and jumped on them. They arrived individually sealed in plastic and heads still in plastic. The 4 iron is new never hit and head still sealed up. Played them most of last summer. I just dont have the swing or skills. My loss, I love how they look...but dang they frustrated me last year. Minimal wear and bag chatter. Still look amazing! $650 shipped Cally Epic Flash 10.5 degree driver, stock Project X Evenflow reg flex shaft. Headcover and tool included. Played first part of last year and then I just had to have a SIM Max. Like the SIM better. Some wear on the sole but its minimal, top line and crown are great. $200 shipped Custom blacked out 34" Betti Queen B refinished by Bettinardi. Bought from a member last year. In fantastic condition. Will include a black Queen B headcover as well as a purple Betti HC I got from the bay because I didnt want to ruin the black one. $400 shipped ipped
  3. I just started playing some new GI irons that have very strong lofts, 5 iron is almost a 4 iron. Gap and PW are the same as my old set. They fly high and have gotten my distances back where I would expect them to go. So is it I have lost distance or the stronger lofts hitting it farther? I dont care. I know how far each club goes and I can swing nice and smooth and hit shots with the distance and shape I want. No transition period at all for me, it was harder not getting the expected distance from my old set. Why not play what makes the game more pleasurable than struggling with something not quite right for my abilities?? I'll never be a great golfer, but I do love this crazy game.
  4. Exactly the set up I'm thinking about, looking forward to pics!
  5. I'm wanting these with the black shafts! Gonna wait and see how folks like them first though.
  6. I have a set of lefty Apex CF19 Smoke 5-PW coming, will be delivered Monday. Can not wait to go hit them Monday evening. Currently playing 718 AP3's and thinking the Apex should be similar. I like the AP3's but have wanted the Apex, specifically the smoke, since they came out. Did I mention I can not wait to hit them!! LOL
  7. Got a center shafted Yamada a few weeks ago. Game changer!! Love everything about it and finally gaining some confidence with putter and making some putts!!
  8. Cleveland CBX irons are much better than previous Cleveland GI irons for me. Personally the AP3 irons have been what I was searching for. I know most folks hate them, but I love the look, the feel, the distance is where I want it...and I can hit the 4 iron!
  9. PM grind 56 is the best in the sand I have used. Ping Glide are the most versatile IMO. Currently play SM7's....go figure!
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