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  1. I have a set of lefty Apex CF19 Smoke 5-PW coming, will be delivered Monday. Can not wait to go hit them Monday evening. Currently playing 718 AP3's and thinking the Apex should be similar. I like the AP3's but have wanted the Apex, specifically the smoke, since they came out. Did I mention I can not wait to hit them!! LOL
  2. Got a center shafted Yamada a few weeks ago. Game changer!! Love everything about it and finally gaining some confidence with putter and making some putts!!
  3. Cleveland CBX irons are much better than previous Cleveland GI irons for me. Personally the AP3 irons have been what I was searching for. I know most folks hate them, but I love the look, the feel, the distance is where I want it...and I can hit the 4 iron!
  4. PM grind 56 is the best in the sand I have used. Ping Glide are the most versatile IMO. Currently play SM7's....go figure!
  5. I have a practically new Scotty Select Newport 2 for sale. It was bought new by me last fall. Is 34", standard L,L. Putted on carpet mostly, played less than a dozen rounds. Grip is a Super Stroke Pistol GT Tour. I know better than to buy a plumbers neck, but it rolled so good in the store. Will include the original head cover which never left my home, and a Club Cameron head cover I got in a trade or buy from here a few years ago. Club looks brand new. $250 shipped to the lower 48
  6. For sale is a nice set of 712 AP1's 5-AW I had professionally re shafted with KBS Tour90 stiff flex. New GolfPride CP2 wrap grips midsize-except the 8 iron has a regular UTx grip(dont remember why I did that). I should have gone with Reg flex, but being stubborn I went stiff and its not a good match for my slower swing speed. These have been played some but not much, mostly in my yard hitting balls into the woods. Lets say $250 shipped
  7. > @Spooky67 said: > I think I’m going to try this. The blues and whites are usually stacked pretty close together in this hole but gaining confidence on the hole could only help. Thanks. > > The course is Coweta Club at Arbor Springs Plantation Newnan GA 30265. Thanks again. > I know this course pretty well and #6 is brutal. I play a 5 wood off the tee and try and stay up in the corner where the cart path turns, its flat there. The a long iron or a 7 or 5 wood to get across the creek. If I'm not swinging well I hit a short iron to near the creek and then a wedge or 9
  8. Great seller! Good communication and shipped fast! Hope I can hit these clubs well but they are in awesome condition.
  9. Was this the standard, AR or MR model. I'm interested if its standard and as original owner you should know.
  10. As a high handicapper let me say this...... I played the PM grind 56 and 60 a couple of years ago. They were good wedges but I simply dont have the consistent repeatable swing to make them work well for me. Full shots were usually short and difficult. Around the green they showed potential but my lack of consistency made them dangerous. I will say the 60 was the best in the sand I had used. I now play the CBX wedges and am very happy. Great for full shots. Great in the sand and I can open the face around the green and hit them higher and shorter if I need to. The difference is they are ver
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