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  1. I might add that the the Town of Barnstable keeps the Hyannis Golf Course open through the winter, weather permitting. It's not unusual to be able to play year round if so inclined. Olde Barnstable typically closes mid to late December through April, give or take a week.
  2. Olde Barnstable is my home course. Cant recommend it enough. But not so much Hyannis which is the sister course. It's hilly and awkward and not easy to navigate IMO. And you might want to search the two courses at Pinehills just off the Cape in Plymouth. Right off the highway and accessible. I've played the Nicklaus. Very nice.
  3. My bad. I was confusing the 9s and 8s. Nevermind.
  4. To the OP: Are you referring to the F9 or the F9 speedback?
  5. Joe and Leighs Golf Shop. Easton, MA Better dispersion. Stability. 6s Thankyou.
  6. I do flare my feet out. More my front than my back and yes, it does help. I've also been working on keeping my front leg flexed more than anyone would recommend and initiate a slight lunge, like a fencer, to get my weight forward. I'm sure it looks hysterical.
  7. As a righty with left hip replacement (65), I find I'm having more of an issue rotating around my left leg. It's more of the twisting (torque) motion that I'm struggling with than a bump although I'm still in the process of trying any recommendations. In any event, it's posting up on a straight left leg that bothers me. I've become very handsy to make up for the rotation limitations which has led to a whole other set of issues. Ugh.
  8. I also experienced pain and numbness down my right arm from cervical bulging. Chose PT and it worked fabulously. Went twice a week for very specific treatment and exercises over about a 6 week period. Also followed the routine at home almost every day. This was several years ago and there's been no recurrance. I'm 65.
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