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  1. > @noodle3872 said: > > @agolf1 said: > > It will be interesting if it is a cheaper urethane model. I'm sure they'd love to regain some share, but I wonder whether they'd actually make more or less money going this route. So far, they've just stuck with the premium ball / premium price point, and those that want it pay for it. They can obviously run the actual numbers (vs. us all guessing/speculating), but it would seem like they risk cannibalizing some ProV sales to the die hard Titleist fans here. So far, the losses may be to the more value conscious people. Of course,
  2. I will be loading up on current B XS. I have no interest in the new version while I can get the 'old' ones. Drop in price is a bonus.
  3. > @hammergolf said: > I'm basically the same launch conditions as you. I tried them all, but the best performance for me was the Bridgestone Tour B XS. I played TP5, Vice Pro, and Srixon Z Star in the past. But the Tour B XS is the best ball for me hands down. It's also soft off the putter and very durable so those are a plus for me. I would recommend you try TP5, Srixon Z Star, And the Tour B XS and see which one you prefer. The Tour B XS spun the most, felt the best, and gave me the most ball speed off all clubs. Another Tour B XS user here. I am around 100 swing speed driver and f
  4. > @"Lomo Saltado" said: > Only on WRX do people complain about hitting their 7i 185 yards. And being pin high.
  5. I think the hate exists because of the way they are marketed Yes the club with 7 stamped on it flies further than traditional 7 irons, but the extra yards are from length of shaft and jacked lofts, not the new tech OEMs would have you believe. I have no real issue with jacked lofts and 7 irons going a club further relative to previous generation irons, just don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining.
  6. > @swaldron said: > So Ive heard players don’t focus on distance and marketing at its finest. > > Personally, my handicap is 4 > > Am I player, I don’t really know > > Am I looking for more distance, absolutely > > Being able to hit one club less into holes would be great But if that club is an inch and a half longer and 4 degrees stronger than your current set, is it really one club less?
  7. Toss up between my 917 D2 and Cally X 7 wood. Both have given me things I didn't have and needed. The D2 is longer and more consistent than my other older drivers. The 7 wood gives me height and stopping power on 215-230 yard shots, and is stupid easy to hit. Got very good deals on both, very happy.
  8. I like the price I can pick up a B RX for. I dislike the price I have to pay for AVX.
  9. TP5X is an excellent ball, and for me perhaps the best ball off driver for sound, flight and distance. But for me it is a little low spinning on short irons and around the greens and a little clicky off the putter. I rate the non X TP5 a better ball, but prefer the Tour B XS over either of them. Having said all that I could happily play and premium ball without noticing much difference in scores.
  10. > @jmiller8888 said: > my titleist 990's that have been in the bag forever, I have hit some of the new titleist irons but im just so used to the 990 that they will probably be in their forever 990s are quality irons, would match anything around now for feel and performance. I would even put 962 in the same conversation. Titleist cast irons have always been the best in the business imo.
  11. I don't see my CG1 Tours ever leaving the bag. Have not suffered club envy looking in other bags since I got them. But if I play long enough that I need a bag full of hybrids in A flex to get around the course, I won't be complaining.
  12. > @RogerinNewZealand said: > Just buy what you need and play your game 24years ago i bought a 7wood for 150m shots.Was radar.I just hit my 2016 m1 21 hybrid today . Minimal height but anti left so im safe.Try R15 24 degree? Looks like i need to buy this again... > I agree. 7 wood is the new black. I've always struggled with hybrids, and have just started to lack the speed to get height with long irons. Got a Cally X 7 wood in reg, and in the space of 3 rounds it's my favourite club in the bag. Longer than a 2 iron, as easy to hit as a short iron, with stopping power of a mid ir
  13. > @hound25 said: > So I compared these pretty extensively today as I had the course mostly to myself. I also compared the prov1x as well. Surprisingly, there was not much of a difference between the three with the exception of the driver. The XS was slightly behind the other two, which were pretty much neck and neck. With full shots with irons and wedges, all three performed almost identical. Almost no difference in distance or spin. The XS feels a bit softer than the other two though. > > > > After the round, I went to the chipping green and hit multiple chip/pitc
  14. ProV and TP too expensive in Australia to justify. I've been getting B XS for $15 (TP) to $22 (ProV) a dozen cheaper so don't consider either. Luckily for me I rate the B SX higher than either when Ive used them from shop credit (my pro shop doesn't stock Bridgestone). But to answer the OP, from my limited experience the TP and ProV1 are almost indistinguishable in performance, with the TP having a slight edge in feel imo.
  15. > @Red4282 said: > > @Mikey5e said: > > Question : Could a PGA professional score as well with a Top Flite bomb as with a Titleist Pro V1? I know they probably couldn't get quite the spin off the Top Flight but they can adapt as well. > > Probably not but i would expect the difference to be fairly small. 3-5 shots maybe > Over 18 holes I would guess 1-2 shots max. I agree that pros would adapt and are good enough to score with any ball under normal conditions, but if the greens were very hard and fast maybe the 3-5 shots would be on the table.
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