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  1. Scotty Futura 5s 33” Winn Vsn grip. Asking $250 obo Cobra speedzone 3 wood. 14.5. Tensei blue 75g regular flex. Align grip Asking $140 obo. Edel 55 wedge. Trapper grind KBS 125 stiff flex. Used about 15 rounds. $90 obo More pictures available upon request. Thanks
  2. > @cadman88 said: > > @magnus7319 said: > > Creating and editing an ad and embedding pictures in the ad is WAY easier. So there are SOME positives. > > > > Lack of feedback imo is hurting the traffic. I know it’s coming back, but without it people are gun shy. Also, I've noticed a ton of stuff that would have gotten an ad shut down immediately in the past.... advertising Venmo as payment, no pics, no prices, trade only items, etc etc... stuff that would have lasted 5 minutes before sits out there... idk if mods are moderating, or... there just ins't the traffi
  3. sorry for the delay, didnt realize i didnt have notifications turned on. the loft is 2 degress and its 1 degree upright.
  4. I have a Ping Sigma 2 tyne 4 with blue dot. Adjustable length only played few rounds. has 1 minor blemish on top corner ( cannot see from address). P660 Pistol Grip. Comes with adjustment tool and headcover. Currently set to about 33in. $175 Also have a Ping G SFtec head only. No headcover but I do have a G30 headcover I can ship with it. $100 More pics available upon request. Thanks for looking
  5. Great belts in my opinion. I have multiple colors/ styles and buckles.
  6. Nexbelt is having 20% off and free shipping using code STPAT20. Offer good till 3/18.
  7. I think it was only today. It is an online code but manager had no problem putting that on for me.
  8. I was in my local Golf Galaxy in Christiana Delaware and they still had the trial packs. I bought 8- zstar and 2- xv. Dicks is having a $20 off $100 today and i had a $10 off card. total for 5 dozen balls - $70 no tax in Delaware. pretty good deal. There were still 6 packs of z stars and 10 packs of xv if anyone is in the area.
  9. I ordered the highland pants in slim fit and also felt they were not slim. They seem a little baggy on me but still nice pants.
  10. in for 10 packs also had $10 dicks reward card. brought my total to $75.50- about $15 a dozen. no tax in delaware. thanks for heads up.
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