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  1. Are the club imperfections, in the pictures I took, clearly present in the ebay pictures? That is the damage I believe was misrepresented. If you do have Nike clubs in better condition than this seller you very well could be sitting on a gold mine if you want to PM me. Appreciate the responses.
  2. Used my G80 for the first time today. Launch Monitor: I went to the range and hit PW-Driver. I was very pleased with the LM function as it picked up most of my shots and provided what I would estimate are close yardages, when compared to my rangefinder. GPS: I also used it on the course, playing 18, and found it to be very accurate with charting various distance to the green, bunkers etc. I never lost signal and there was no lag when moving to my ball or the next hole. TL;DR: As a high handicapper, I would recommend this.
  3. I just bought one of these and haven't updated the software yet. IIRC, there were some issues(w/ launch monitor info and warm-up mode issues) between updates. Can't find the post atm. Should I update the software before I use it? 2.4 is on it now. Thanks for any info.
  4. What is great about the Infinity Pros? I'm still using my LC IVs and, for soggy days, Lunar Bandon 3s.
  5. I usually buy/use plastic tees, since they don't leave colored marks on my clubs.
  6. IMO: Bad instructional video for sure, but the method doesn't seem dangerous.
  7. anyone know about decent grip deals? would like to give the ndmc aligns a try...
  8. hoping for a tiger win or large playoff.......
  9. plenty of holes left to come back...hope it doesn't all unravel here
  10. Nike Machspeed Black SQ was pretty loud, but forgivng
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