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  1. A few items up for sale! I would be interested in trades for drivers with shafts or just driver heads - any G series LST or TSi3, 9 degree. Would obviously add cash for any of my items below. PM me with offers! 1. 905R Driver - 9 degree - Grafalloy Blue X Flex - PURE midsize grip - length is between 44.5"-45" used for a couple seasons several years ago and have had it sitting around since. I take it out and hit a few with it every now and then and it still performs, just not as forgiving as today's offerings . Topline is clean, no sky marks. There is some blue paint from a tee marker near the toe area as shown in photos but not visible at address. Original headcover included. - SOLD 2. Srixon Z785 driver head only - 9.5 degree - probably has 40-50 rounds on it maybe. Head is clean, near MINT condition. - $150 $125 shipped con US, no headcover but will ship well protected 3. Ping Vault 2.0 B60 black finish - red dot - 35" length - Golfpride Sensr grip - Bought this at peak putter ho days and have only used for less than 5 rounds, putter is mint condition. - SOLD 4. GAPR LO 2 - glued hosel - no grip currently installed - length was cut to app. 40" - Evenflow hybrid shaft, stiff flex, 85g - club is in great shape as shown by photos -$150 $100 shipped con US
  2. rstlne said it best, these were the OG DTC balls . I played them exclusively for a few summers before all the other DTC balls hit the market and they performed admirably. Played them side by side with the ProV1 option at the time and didn’t notice much difference other than a little less spin which I actually preferred. Once the new DTC balls came out, I switched just based on appearance. The MG’s always looked a little “cheap” to me because of the logo. I think they could do better in that aspect, but just my opinion. You won’t be mad with the performance at $20/dozen. If you like the looks of them, give them a go!!! I do still buy the MG gloves. You won’t find a better glove for the price. They are a steal!
  3. I lived in El Paso for a couple years in 2010/2011 and would frequent Sanoma Ranch and the NMSU course near Las Cruces. Both were always in good condition and pretty affordable. Both fun tracks to play, not sure what they are like now since that was quite a few years ago. Coming from Michigan, I was a little shocked at the minimal amount of courses in that area. Played painted dunes in El Paso a lot too but preferred the two courses in NM over that. It’s a shame to hear about Butterfield, one of the few top notch courses in that area.
  4. Just following up here on the vice pro model. I did get a chance to play the 2020 version yesterday morning. I played a 2018 version for a few holes and then switched to the 2020 version. I really couldn’t tell much of a difference between the two, very similar. I do think they improved cover durability. It seemed to hold up a little better than the last generation. Played a course with a lot of sand so hit quite a few wedges (some full swings) from pretty thick, coarse, sand didn’t see too much scuffing. Also had a couple tree balls that didn’t really mar too badly. That would be my only observation from initial round with the new version. Time will tell on the durability.
  5. I touched base with Vice customer service a couple weeks back as I was curious the differences for the 2020 PRO model. They basically told me performance differences would be very minimal and would be hard to tel the new from the old. The new alignment line is a little different as far as visual differences go. I do see their website has some spin comparisons between the 2020 and the old version. I believe these were added semi-recently. Numbers look very similar. I did end up ordering some neon yellow PRO’s. They have been delivered but have yet to put one in play. Maybe this weekend. If I do, I will report back on performance. I have played the old version of the pro for a couple seasons so have a good feel for what to expect. Not sure on Pro Soft or Pro Plus as I prefer the Pro model.
  6. Took advantage on some golf shorts as well. I wasn’t sure how they would be but they ended up being perfect. Absolutely love the, will probably buy more. Good fit, good quality!
  7. I bought two pair of SL’s a couple years ago. The white pair squeaked like crazy, the black pair didn’t squeak at all. My playing partners would always comment on how bad the squeak was. FJ was nice enough to take the white pair back and send me a new pair. The new pair squeaks a little, but nothing like the original. Thanks for the info. on tips to make it stop! Will try that out.
  8. Was digging through my Grandpas work bench area one day and saw this. An old school ball marking tool - date on instructions says 12-1-61. I asked him about it and he said it was given to him as a gift. Pretty cool little tool. It has interchangeable letters so you can spell out whatever you want. I tried it on a ball I had and it appears it would still work - left his name in very light letters as must have still had some left over ink on them. I believe it actually puts a small indentation in the cover. The red dye (ink) that came with it is completely dried up so will probably just hold onto as a antique rather than use it. Anybody on here remember those from back in the day? I am 33 so it is much older than me ?.
  9. A few items to clean out before the 2020 season actually gets underway up here in the North! PM me for questions or offers! Item #1 - Nike Method MOD-60 Putter, 35" in length. Very good condition, there is one small nick on the topline of the putter. If you look closely, you can see it at address. I think the pictures captured it pretty well. Other than that, putter is pretty much mint. It has a PURE "oversize" putter grip on it. Used it for a couple seasons and then moved on like any good putter ho would do....asking $150 (now $130) Only trade interest would be GAPR lo 2 or 3 if anyone has any of those laying around they want to offload. Item #2 - 2 dozen Bridgestone Tour BXS golf balls, white color, 2018 edition. These were shipped directly from Bridgestone in the fall of 2019. Asking $30 per dozen. I would actually prefer to trade these straight up for 2 dozen Tour BX if anybody is interested (doesn't have to be 2020 version). Item #3 - 1 dozen Nike RZN Platinum "PRACTICE" golf balls. Local Dunham's still had some laying around so I picked up 2 dozen last year. Almost made it through the first dozen and decided I wasn't in love with them - SOLD
  10. I caught some of it and really enjoyed watching these old matches. A couple things that made me laugh: Caddies standing on the green with the bag sitting on the green in front of them. I guess the way the greens were back then, it didn’t really make a difference. Not sure it would truly make a difference today either, but would be funny to see a modern day caddie do it.I can’t remember who the player was, but in a post match interview he basically just said he got “luckier” on the greens. Sounded like the players just chalked up some luck to putting and that was just part of the game back then.I am 33 so didn’t really grow up getting to see these Shell matches, just what I have caught on golf channel over the years. As others have mentioned, always love the style of the players and gallery as well ?. Always interesting to see how norms change in society....good or bad
  11. This is awesome, thanks for sharing! If you do more, please be sure to share again!
  12. Thanks guys, did end up ordering a dozen of the pearl from Morton golf. Figured for that price it would make sense to give them a try! May get a sleeve or two of the AVX as well and compare side by side as I haven’t played the AVX yet. Will report back with some results when I have them.
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