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  1. I remember the Sandvik shafts, weird looking shaft for it's time. Hitting one took some doing! Didn't John Daly play those shafts in his clubs when he won the PGA at Crooked Stick ?
  2. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1437200-hideki-matsuyama-witb-2017-waste-management-open/
  3. Doesn't Hydeki play the GBB driver on tour. It's in his Srixon bag.
  4. I still have my 510tp with the real graffaloy blue (henrick stensen shaft) in it. It's was my gamer for years. I'll never sell it but I don't play it anymore.
  5. Go to the nearest pgass and tell them your interested in a driver. An hour later you'll be exhausted but you'll get a sheet with all the launch monitor info you'll need. They won't even pressure you into buying it there. Now take your specs sheet with recommended info and buy on ebay if you want.
  6. I'm still playing a damn 910d2 and I own a 2016 M2 !! I'm a shade longer with the M2 but my fairways hit with the 910 is just a no brainer.
  7. I have a 15* in route from 3balls golf. If it's anywhere as solid as my 18.5* then my 3 wood is in trouble
  8. joe293


    When hybrids first came out I bit the bullet and settled on a few Nickent Genex 3DX ironwoods. I believe they were used by the 2007 us open winner. Mine have the UST proforce v2 shafts and sold me on the playability of hybrids vs long irons. Ten years later my closet is packed with every possible hybrid known to man. And after ten years all those hybrids have failed to knock those old beat up Nickent Genex 3DX ironwoods out of the bag. I just found a 15* at 3balls golf for $14.99. All in all when it arrives I'll have 4 total so I can set up whatever configuration I need. I'm a 6hcp and still hit my long irons great but not as stupid good as these Nickent are.
  9. Great wedges, picked up a set brand new for $49ea at pgass. Still in the bag, 52 & 58.
  10. Omg this made me spit coffee all over myself!!! And I can sympathize
  11. Yup and not to mention he was playing and old set of R7 irons. And there's also a vertical groove driver vs Callaway sub zero by Rick Shiels and in it the VG driver pretty much wins.
  12. I only got a glimpse of his bag while winning the Senior PGA but looks like Kenny Pwrry won using R7 irons and a vertical groove driver ? Impressive.
  13. I got driver fitted at a PGA superstore and two guys spent an hour with me going over drivers and shafts with no pressure to buy. When it was determined they didn't have a driver with better numbers than mine they said how about trying some irons. Another hour later they had a print out of iron recommendations. I really enjoyed it.
  14. I always buy my irons after 5-6 years have passed. Just doesn't seem to be huge advancement in the iron game other than stronger lofts. I can't remember ever paying over $200 for a set.
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