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  1. Anyone here trying to qualify?
  2. Im looking at bags and have narrowed it down to two. I mostly walk but don't really care about the extra weight
  3. What would be a good price for an instructor. Also, how important is ranks, personally I don't believe they're important but I could be wrong.
  4. I'm a junior golfer who is about a 3. I really want to step up my game and be a +3 or 4. What are some good instructors in Orlando area. I'm also willing to drive to Jacksonville.
  5. [quote name='Robert Forester' timestamp='1447990982' post='12622560'][quote name='thejuniorgolfer' timestamp='1447965550' post='12620856'] So right now my backswing is all arms. I can get a full shoulder turn but not with a club in my hand. Any ideas? [/quote] Can you post a pic or a similar example of position you do get to with club in hand? What is your build type, are you 'barrel chested'?[/quote][attachment=3039068:ImageUploadedByGolfWRX Mobile1447992616.540103.jpg]
  6. So right now my backswing is all arms. I can get a full shoulder turn but not with a club in my hand. Any ideas?
  7. I feel like I'm a very good player but I've done bad in tournaments and I always hit it better in the range. At this point I feel like I'm lacking a strong mental game. Whenever I'm on the course I never seem to learn from my mistakes. For example if I hit 5 puts in a row to the left I won't adapt and aim a little more right. Furthermore I am scared of hitting it ob so as a result I slow down my swing and lose distance and will also block it out to the right Thanks in advance
  8. I bike to the course almost everyday...just but you're bag on like you're walking and then get on the bike...it's actually pretty easy
  9. Don't forget the Ivy League... You play college golf while going to a top 20 university
  10. [quote name='Kuchhhhhh' timestamp='1438301312' post='12050724'] Not an instructor but looks like you don't have enough hip turn. Anyone else agree? [/quote] any good drills for that?
  11. Currently I hit my 9 iron 130 and my driver 210 to 220 I just looked at how far you should hit your clubs and I should be CARRYING my driver 240 for a total distance of 260...what is causing this????
  12. So right now I think I have an incorrect rotation which is causing my head to move...is this plausible
  13. I understand your allowed to move your head a little but only to a couple of inches...why is movement good lawdy???
  14. Ok poor choice of words what I meant was that shouldn't try and copy someone's faults but the things they do well
  15. [quote name='farmer' timestamp='1435965499' post='11884044']Curtis Strange won two US Opens doing that, and Roberto de Vicenzo had a great career with the same move.[/quote]bur they had years of practice
  16. Hi, right now I am struggling with my head moving about a foot backwards in my backswing then a foot forward in my downswing...for the life of me I can't stop it...and drills to help?
  17. Hi I am having trouble getting a full shoulder turn in the backswing and shift my weight while not swaying...I am also having trouble getting my shoulder turned down through the swing in the downswing Thanks in advance
  18. It was downhill, downwind on a well hit...in hitting it about 230 now
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