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  1. 681 T Stamp irons, 4-pw (4 is head only, rest are shafted). DG Tour Issue X100, 1/2" short. Std loft/lie. Clubs have been played but still have tons of life left- see pictures for example of worst face wear. The 8 iron chrome appears to be different than the rest- not 100% sure why, I am second owner so not 100% sure of sourcing. They have been back to Titleist for reshafting so I am certain they are legit. $250 shipped.
  2. SC Newport Mil-Spec - head only. Just back from custom shop refurb- no dents, dings, scratches, or evidence of use at all. Head is 100% mint. Newport Model, originally 34" 340g weight. Std Lie. $200 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  3. Hi all, I recently got my garage simulator setup complete and it's on to phase 2 (video feedback setup). What I would really like is to have a moveable camera/phone/tablet on tripod which is linked to a larger monitor and would automatically replay each swing video after it detects contact. I know some software out there detects impact based on noise/movement and saves the bracketed video, but does anyone know of any software which can be set up to automatically play the swing back to you without you having to get back on the computer and hit play? My ideal (pie in the sky) workflow wou
  4. Lol, you guys are hilarious. 4 months ago if they had said "would you buy a tvd for $40 more than a stock wedge?" everyone woulda been all over it. Now they do it and everyone complains about how much the stamping costs. Insatiable, we are.
  5. figured i'd revive this one instead of opening a new thread- I heard through the grapevine that something is going to be announced sooner rather than later regarding this. Anyone got more info?
  6. They did make a 580TP- I saw some when I was caddying on the canadian tour when the 5xx line of tm woods was new-ish.
  7. I would- if it said <--Pro V1X--> on it.
  8. I agree with T Wrex- having hit them both, the S2 is run of the mill LD/S9-1 material, but the ZL is pretty hardcore. I would much rather have an 8.5 ZL than a 9.5 S2.
  9. Why on earth would you? It would limit your set comp to 5-W, since they don't make anything longer than a 2I shaft, as far as I know. Why not just buy a set of stiffs?
  10. I assume rail-H is for Hybrid. I wonder if we'll get a rail-F Fairway. Please, let it be so. That geek rail fairway is sweet- hope cobra does something similar.
  11. it's faldo being wrong, as usual. doesn't exist.
  12. s9-1 pro D - like the Geek, maybe get a little higher loft than normal, as they fly very flat.
  13. I hit mine a lot, and I do try to vary the trajectory and shape with it. Not always succesful, but more fun than pulling a 5 wood
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