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  1. It’s one louder, innit?
  2. We’ve been hearing that the tour iron shafts would be mostly carbon or composite in the next 3-5 years for like 10-15 years. I’m really surprised they haven’t caught on more.
  3. I picked up a 15 pack for $35 yesterday and just got done playing first round with them today alongside V1 and V1X. Also a huge fan of the TP5 line and previous generation RX. I was switching them around and hitting multiple shots. The TR is definitely longer off the irons but still plenty sticky. Greenside spin was excellent. Honestly I couldn’t tell much difference among them other than the V1X felt noticeably firmer. Which is a good thing because some of the softer urethane balls I have played I haven’t cared for the numb/light/mushy feel off the longer clubs. These feel great off the iro
  4. I agree there is something special about the feel of the entire 913 line although I found the driver to be shorter than it’s peers at the time and probably especially today.
  5. Bringing this back from the dead to see how opinions have evolved since 2013. I loved the 913Fd with the D+. Best FW I ever had and now I’m thinking of going back to it unless there is something way better.
  6. I think they’re awesome doesn’t look like there’s much of any camber on the sole which pretty much rules them out for me
  7. I have liked the FG going back to the days when you could buy the boxes of blemished balls for peanuts. I kind of like playing something different than what everyone else is using. The spin on full iron and wedge shots being a little less with the Duo Pro concerns me a little because our club has extremely firm and fast undulating greens but I like the idea of a really soft urethane ball. I’ll probably try the STAFF and the Duo Pro this season.
  8. please post a clip of you licking them clean after a round I gotta teach my dog that trick!
  9. I like that it’s “a flying iron that balances flying and feel” 39 degree PW tho
  10. I’d like to try the Duo Pro
  11. I have a Matrix PT125 in my Epon I-33 I wonder how these compare other than heft. I do have a 100g grip on mine and I-33 is a heavy head so might be quite similar.
  12. They’re supposed to launch higher, thats the whole point. I don’t understand why people buy things when their function is clearly represented and then complain that it functions the way it was designed.
  13. Golf club companies should not be allowed to advertise or differentiate their brand in any way.
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