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  1. Not feeling it. When I bag blades I want them to look clean. The weight looks odd but I’m interested in how they are marketing it.
  2. JPX 919 tour Thank you for the info. I’m a bit steep so I’d imagine the added bounce would be a benefit especially in the softer condition I play in.
  3. U85 is the most fun club to hit in my bag. This looks even cleaner!!
  4. I want to bend all my irons about 3 degrees weak. I understand that will change the bounce and face angle. My question is will it change the club to become slightly draw biased even though I am setting the face square at setup.
  5. The “copper under” finish is the same thing as Mp-20 line from Mizuno? Same idea?
  6. That’s why you need to get both! 7MC for the feel and 770 to get you back on track when striking is veering off track. You can then also combo them whenever you like. I’m just talking myself into getting both haha.
  7. The JPX 921 tour looks a lot like Bridgestone J15cb or am I seeing things?
  8. Try the PO white. I think that one is not counter balanced. I had to add a 2g tip weight to get my Sim driver to D4 swing weight at 45.5” playing length.
  9. Think this is mine. Just sent payment.
  10. I would look at descent angle too. Somewhere around 47 degrees or more would be great for holding greens. If they are comparable I’d just pick whichever one gives you more confidence when behind the ball. Imagine you are hitting into an island green... which one would you rather use? If you can, take some demos and compare them on course. Nothing beats that.
  11. I prefer my 7w over my hybrid. I like the higher descent angle since I primarily use this club to attack par 5s in two. Enjoy the added height out of rough too since it’s spinning less. Still able to work the ball so not losing much versatility but do feel hybrids are more workable. I do notice people generally having trouble hitting fairway woods. I guess they are trying to swing it like a driver.
  12. So mb101 have more bounce than their previous offerings?
  13. How much does these retail for in Japan? Just wondering...
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