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  1. I was switching between my Miura blades and ZX7 throughout the summer. Every time I switch to the ZX7 from the blades it took a long time to adjust. I was unable to hit the ZX7 well coming from blades. The head felt clumsy and felt harder to square. Settled on the TCB and really enjoy hitting them. Smaller profile makes it easier to control club face for me. Some added forgiveness compared to my blades. Also like the rounder/softer shape of the head at address. My buddy ordered a set of T100 and I will test them when they arrive. Definitely intrigued by them but I don’t usually like the shape of Titleist irons at address.
  2. I use a q tip and just swipe the inside about 1/2 inch deep. And just go easy with the air. Haven’t blown up a grip since. The pin hole method sounds likes a great idea!
  3. 90 MPH 7 iron netting 155 yards seems way off doesn’t it? Any idea on your spin numbers? I thought 90 MPH is like tour average and those guys hit it a mile… You got me worried cause I just ordered a set without even hitting them lol. Have you tried X stiff? Might bring the spin down?
  4. Dang wanted to see what the fakes look like…
  5. Nope. Cannot stop hooking it. I’ve given up for now. Probably something wrong with many swing lol.
  6. Thank you for the response but I’m confused because the video on Titleist Vokey state the worn edge reduces bounce and makes the edge sharper. I thought a steep player would want more bounce. I’ve heard both argument and it’s quite confusing lol.
  7. So what does the leading edge grind do? Doesn’t that reduce effective bounce which should cause more diggy turf interaction no? I keep seeing “improve turf interaction” but I don’t really understand that that means.
  8. Wait couple months maybe it they will slash price in half price again.
  9. Check out Srixon’s ZX utility. It’s chunky but the offset is reduced this generation and I love it!
  10. Nice stuff and good prices! I’m so curious what you settled into haha.
  11. I’d say zx5 is more forgiving, longer and possibly launch higher. i210 will have more constant spin numbers and distance. I’ve owned both but currently gaming zx7/5 combo only because they are newer lol.
  12. Yes but you might have to drill the ferrules because I think those ping irons may use 370 tips. Might not sit perfect like a collared ferrule but just turn it down to flush.
  13. I find hybrid distance and trajectory a bit inconsistent. Sometimes it’s low and rolls but some times it’s launched 120 ft apex. I guess that’s a good thing for some people. That just means it’s workable. My 7 wood launch’s high and lands soft which I love. I’m not good enough to work the ball especially at that distance.
  14. Hope these feel as good as they look. Really liked the look of the apex pro 21 but very disappointed with the feel. Will bag these if they feel half way decent!
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