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  1. I’m a minimalist and that’s why I like blades but I understand the mallet appeal. They do feel much easier to aim. 3-5 feet there are like automatic.
  2. I had a set of satin af 302 which I regret selling. Looking forward to trying the zx7 which I believe are endo forged.
  3. Scotty Cameron Timeless 2 Interesting note: the sight line does not go all the way to the cavity. Apparently Hideki Matsuyama liked it that way to tell if he is forward pressing too much. Also there was a photo of him holding this putter. He may have tested this one.
  4. Great putters. Just as good as any milled putters out there. Had the Gunboat, Mini Gunboat and Operator. As some mentioned above they are heavier heads. Soft off the face. Very solid performers. Sticking with my tour Scotties for collectibility reasons though.
  5. I got a Wellputt and rolling putts on it is very enjoyable. It’s high quality and has a good heft to it to stay put. What I really want is a Brunswick Only Green though. This thing is next level! That’s what I would get if I had space in my home... https://www.brunswickbilliards.com/the-only-green-by-brunswick/
  6. Love the adjustability but that Srixon adaptor legit gives me anxiety. Srixon killing it this year though. Definitely playing their irons.
  7. Think I’ll be ordering a set. Question is whether to combo the zx5 4 iron or the zx 4 utility.
  8. Trying to decide between ZX7 and MP20 MMC. You guys definitely swaying me towards Srixon. I noticed a lot of people mentioning ZX7 being longer. I wonder if it’s because of lower spin? How is the stopping power?
  9. Didn’t take long for Brooks koepka to win with the zx7. Think I might need to order a set... cause you know... my game is so similar to Brooks’...
  10. I should have said closer to OG 5 wood. I remember when 5 woods were 19+ degrees. Nowadays seem like 5 wood is around 17.5 degrees.
  11. I don’t think I consciously choke down. Maybe only for really short swings or if the contour and stance dictates it. Chipping and pitching is so feel based. I would rehearse practice swings behind the ball to get my low point and bounce right for the shot. Whatever stance and grip gets me to barely brush the ground behind or at the ball is what I will step into the shot with.
  12. My biggest weakness is my tee game. I got a two way miss and feel if I hit more fairways I would score a couple strokes better. I am good with my hands which is great for short game and 100 yards in but off the tee and longer shots I’m relying too much on timing. Plan to improve is to continue to explore and understand biomechanical ideas of the golf swing from competent sources. I believe understanding is the key before application for my way to learning.
  13. I actually prefer the sound of G425 to my Sim. The sim sounds too muted to me to the point of feeling numb. Interestingly the LST spun about the same as the Max for me and sometimes spun even more. Ball speed between them where basically the same. Plus or minus 1-2 mph ball speed. End of the day I think all these drivers perform about the same if they are fitted properly.
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