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  1. All prices include shipping and fees, any questions just ask. Would be interested in higher end X/TX shafts, mallet putters, newer hybrids, but cash is king. 1. 718 AP2/3 heads- $350 Used but in really good condition. 4/5 AP3 and 6-PW AP2, they were stock loft and 2* up the last time I had them checked. No browning to speak of, few dings on the bottom. O ok not real ugly is on the 9i, caught a hidden rock in the rough and tried to smooth it out the best I could, no effect on how it plays. 2. 8 Lamkin Z5 Midsize Grips- $60 Pulled from a set of PXG irons a
  2. All prices include fees and shipping. If you have any questions or need more photos just ask! Would consider trades on the shafts for 70g X or TX driver length shafts and would trade the putter and possibly cash for a TSi 2 or 3 3 wood. Odyssey O-Works 2 Ball - $225 34”, BGT Stability shaft, Evnroll Gravity grip, stock hc included. Small ding picture on back of putter, grip could pass for new. Fairway Wood Shafts: Hzrdus Yellow HC 76g 6.5 - $85 Titleist tip, 42 3/8” tip to end of grip, played over 43” in TS2 3 wood, adapter was pu
  3. For sale, all prices include fees and shipping, OBO. Only trades would be TSi 2 or 3 3 wood. Any questions or more photos, just ask! 1. Ventus Blue 7x - Sold Real deal with Velocore, TM tip, 42 3/8” tip to end of grip, tipped 1/2”, NDMC mid logo down. Grip almost new, shaft in great shape. 2. TS3 8.5 Driver - Sold Hzrdus Smoke 60g 6.5, plays 45”, shaft is logo down in all “4” positions, stock hc included, no tool. 3. PXG 0317X Gen 2 Hybrid- Sold Like new, used 2 rounds and some range time, Hzrdus Smoke 80g 6.5, stock hc
  4. 1. Bentonville, AR 2. Hc- 2.4 3. TM SIM, 10.5 set to 10, Kuro Kage DC 60TX Proto at 45” 4. 60G Cat 5 5. I have played KBS Tour shafts in multiple irons and always loved the feel. I am very interested to see if I can get the low spin performance I need in my driver with the great feel of the iron shafts. 6. I would definitely be open and honest about my swing. I feel like after multiple video lessons this year and more access to a simulator have a much better grasp of my swing from a technical standpoint.
  5. 2 items from the Tiffany drop that I never used. No trades please, prices include shipping. Any questions just ask. Thanks! 1. Imperial Rope Hat- $old brand new never worn, just doesn’t fit me right. 2. White mallet putt cover- $115 used one round, could pass as brand new
  6. $25 for all 3 (plus one free) Taylormade metal Driver/FW Pulls. These adapters have been used and pulled with low heat. Some discoloration from heat, no ferrules included. I cannot guarantee if all are EOM or aftermarket as 2 came from shafts purchased on BST that I had pulled. 2 are in fantastic shape, 1 has a little bump around the collar, and there is a 4th I am throwing in for free as I’m not sure it is usable (older version with plastic top). All have a little epoxy that needs to be cleaned out, but should work like new.
  7. Prices include shipping and fees. Only trades would be other putters of similar value or a TS2 or TS3 5 wood. Traded- Taylormade Spider X Copper putter, 34", great shape Sold- Titleist TS2 3 Wood, 15*, Hzrdus Smoke 70g 6.0, MCC +4 logo down.
  8. Cleaning out some extra gear, all prices include shipping in the US. Only trades I’m looking for would be a TS2 fairway wood (13.5, 15, or 18), Kuro Kage XT Dual Core or XD 60TX or 70TX any questions or need more photos let me know! $100- The Buck Club "Area 51" Camo Mallet Putter Cover. Used a few rounds, in fantastic shape, no flaws.$old- Super Stroke Traxion Flatso 1.0, One time pull, excellent condition $90- Project X Hzrdus Yellow HC 75g 6.5, tipped 1/2”, 42.5” tip to butt of grip, Titleist fw tip. The tip is from Titleist, it was pulled and reinstalled and that is why it’s miscolore
  9. What’s is your current shaft/driver combination? Titleist TS3, 8.5 A4 setting (10*), Tensei Pro Orange 60TX. What is your current handicap? 2.4Where are you located (City, State, Country)? Bentonville, AR, USAWhat driver (brand/model/loft) will you be installing this in? Titleist TS3, 8.5 A4 setting (10*)If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing / review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the shaft. Yes, definitely Desired driver shaft weight and flex. 60 TXPlease include any tipping instructions and OEM adapter (if applicable).
  10. Great reviews so far, really peaking my interest in switching to the T-200’s. I have a question for everyone that has been fit and made the switch to T-200’s on shaft selection. Have you kept the same shaft as your current irons or moved to one with higher spin? I have hit them twice, on an indoor monitor and outside with Trackman. Problem was, I was the last fitting at a demo day so it seemed I was just rushed along. The fitter said I had great results with the KBS stiff, but that was the only thing I hit and I didn’t notice the spin numbers. The dispersion was tight with these and th
  11. Come and wet your beak on some new to you Vokey wedges. These were played less than a full season and the only big ugly is the sole of the 46, shown in photos. I would like to sell as a set, but the two I would piece off are the 46 and 60. All wedges have project x LZ 6.5 shafts. 46 has mid ndmc align, others have TV’s built up to mid. Not looking for trades, but would be interested in newer Scotty Newports or mallets (no NP2’s). All 4- $350 1. 46.10 F grind, +1/2”, 2* up. $100 hit a rock and there is a cut in the sole, doesn’t affect playability. 2. 50.12 F grind, +1/2”, 2* u
  12. Two items up for sale, prices include shipping and fees, would consider a trade for a Newport or Newport 2, prefer 34”. Scotty Newport Beach 1.5- $235 Milling is in great shape, overall the putter is in great shape too, a few marks on the heel side of the face. Shaft band is perfect, plays at 34” or just under. Will ship with a generic HC. Ping midsize cord grip. Scotty Putters and Pines Puttig Disk- $55 Looks brand new
  13. 3 Callaway Rogue fairway woods for sale. Only trade interest is a TS2 fairway or Tensei Pro Orange 70 TX. Photos are in order for reference, stock hc included. - Rogue 3W - $140 Hzrdus Yellow 76g 6.5, NDMC mid size, can remove lead tape and clean if you want. - Rogue SZ 5W - $SOLD Hzrdus Yellow 85g 6.5, stock grip +3 wraps - Rogue 3W - $155 Evenflow Black 75g 6.5, stock grip +3 wraps
  14. 1-The Alotian Club 2- MPCC Shore and Dunes 3- Prairie Dunes 4- Bluejack National 5- Aldarra Golf Club
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