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  1. I think they are two different versions (high toe and not), so best to be clear and specify which you want. Good luck
  2. Despite trying the newer 620 model, I'm still an old school dude at heart. I usually game one of the older 006s. In the first photo above after the pano shot, the two 006s are the third and fifth up from the bottom. One's carbon and the other's SS... Thanks!!
  3. Ok, here’s my homage to John’s (@JCL’s) massive collection. Not quite up to that level, but not bad if you like flow necks and blades (mostly 6’s and 7’s). Gonna try a panorama shot here first and then break it up into groups. send along shots if any other collections - large and small. and of course the head covers…
  4. That is a sweet putter. Had one of those in the past - and a Mills Pepi, which is essentially a wide-body Softail - and they are great. You did SO WELL !!
  5. Interesting. I've had multiple "mixed metals" (carbon head with SS hosel) over the years, mostly from Byron and one or two from David Mills. They were/are all welded flow necks, and passed the magnet test, so I assumed you could weld those two materials together. After all, they are both steel. Where's Johnny Hines the metallurgist when you need him?? Bottom line, the "look" of mixed metals is very cool
  6. Generally. I'm sure others have lots of other tactics and methods they like, so hopefully you'll get additional inputs. I usually text Byron ahead of time - or we have a call - and talk about what I have in mind, what he has available in heads/metals/etc., and what an ETA might be. Then I follow up with an email attaching his completed order form and any of the special instructions that we talked/texted about. Things don't always go according to plan, but I'm very satisfied with the interaction. As a rule - it helps to be a patient and flexible person....
  7. Very nice DH and you're right about that finish. I told Byron a while back that I didn't love the brushed SS look and he said he could tweak it akin to what you described - either the total head or in a 2X configuration. He called it "misting" the SS finish back then, and it looked great when he sent me the putter. Yours is awesome with that paint scheme. Enjoy.
  8. As far as I know he does all of the work himself. He's put on multiple necks for me (I am not a plumber's neck fan), bent a few others (cold bend, hot bend) and has done all manner of other custom work. Most these projects were talked through with him first and had a lot of detailed requests (curvature of neck, offset, toe-hang, kick-back, etc.). I can't imagine that being done by someone else without the benefit of the direct conversation... BTW, what I love about Byron is that he's one of the few who will work on refinish, renovation, rehabilitation efforts in addition to selling new (only on his product, however). I think he enjoys seeing some of the old classic models as they come back through the shop again
  9. This last one came in about 2 months. I think we started talking about it at the end of July/early August. Arrived about Oct 1... As people have said, lead-times are usually driven by the finish selected and Byron's "batch process" with vendors when the finish requires outsourcing. For the black armor PVD, he uses a local shop as I understand it and maybe that keeps the time lag down....
  10. Love all these great Byrons, especially the rare, cool shapes of the Dakines, DBCMs, Channel Islands, etc. Here’s a new 620 just received from the shop - carbon mid-pipe with polished black PVD. Nicely softened with minimal stamps/paint. Let’s see what else is out there…..
  11. That's a beauty too. Nice to see you southpaws getting some of the good stuff!!
  12. It's a Softail, most likely carbon black ox as you say with a tig welded hosel (the red "T"). No idea what the "880" is. Might be something of significance to the original customer on this (it's clearly a custom). Nice overall example. You're right - not many in lefty out there. Good catch. Hope you love it.
  13. Loved my SSB Masonboro, the only example of this brand I owned. Hand-tweaked by Lamont. Very good feel (it is/was carbon). My nephew back east is using it these days...
  14. Yes it is. I am both awestruck and inspired. Time for another "family portrait" next time I get a chance to take some pics. JCL's Dakine pictured is a great flatstick. I'm still looking for a Dakine rockpile, regular or mini. Johnny Hines ("Scooterdog" over at PT - RIP) used to have one of those among his amazing collection of Byrons, Mills and others.
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