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  1. Good luck, J.T. Folks, this is one of the best gentlemen in these forums. Great to do business with, or just talk putters.
  2. Love that headcover if you ever decide to split up the set. Good luck - it's a nice Byron and a unique example of copper plating
  3. Thanks for all the positive comments. Putter is SOLD
  4. ********* SOLD ********** Hi folks. Had some success in the last couple weeks selling a Byron DH89 (https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1826744/byron-morgan-dh89-naked-glass-blast-ss#latest), so I have decided to put this one up as well. It's a naked Byron Morgan 007 long neck, stainless with brushed blue oil finish. It's very similar to the last putter I listed, so hopefully there's interest here as there was on that one. Some of the key details are as follows, but feel free to ask any questions you have..... The 007 model is Byron's "tweener" blade, with not quite the flat bumpers of
  5. I put the 75g "midsize" on all my putters and swear by it. I don't have a comparison pic for you, but remember starting with the 65g originally. Big difference as I recall, with the 75 being a great grip. BTW, I always load up on them from Grips4less (www.grips4less.com). Not sure what their pricing is today during Covid-19, but I have always found them competitive ($13-$14 each with free shipping at a certain total order size threshold)... Good luck
  6. This putter is SOLD. Thanks, everyone, for looking. Might be more coming soon... And I'm still looking for 611s, 711s, and DH11s!!
  7. Thanks for the idea, but I am afraid not. After playing the field for years across all the custom makers, I am down to pretty much just Byrons at this point. Good luck in your sale if you go that route. Frank
  8. The head is 340g +/- (I think I weighed it at 341g). I put a 12g plug just above the top of the neck to add some swing weight. Feels and putts like all my other 350-355g putters. Thanks.
  9. ***** SOLD ***** Hi folks. Stainless DH89 for sale today. My love/hate relationship with naked flange lines has gone cold again and this is available if anyone wants/needs one. Olaf, I just couldn't make it work!! Some details: Glass blast finish on SS, face-balanced, 2.5 inch mid-pipe neck, about a half-shaft offset, no face milling, blank sole, 34 inches, new Iomic mid-size grip (black). Essentially new all the way around. Buyer will have 2-3 Byron head covers to choose (one) from. Any questions, ask away... Price is $xxx shipped CONUS. Trades? Any old Byrons (006, 007, 611, 711) in
  10. As a mini, how long is the head? 3.5 inches? 4 inches? If possible, can you give head dimensions? Thanks
  11. I have somehow (??) ended up with far too many Byron Morgan covers. Here are a couple for sale. Both classic styles, but in new condition. Magnetic closure. See pictures for details. $50 shipped CONUS for each Might be more coming as I continue to go through the all the spares... Thanks
  12. Great putters. Do you know the amount of hosel offset on the Byron?? And I assume it's close to face-balanced on the toe-hang?? Thanks very much. Awesome gear!!
  13. Here are my two.... Happy to participate in any new run, but I suspect the pricing would be high - like about where the B-17 is....
  14. ^^^ +1 I have two and they are my favorite Byrons (611 a close second). Would also take 2 more... Do I feel a wave building???
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