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  1. Nice one, JT. My favorite Byron neck!!
  2. I use EEzox and RemOil in a pinch (from Remington)
  3. That will be a sight to see when it's done. You need to post pics of the completed project.
  4. VNutz is correct. Byron made "no pocket" versions of all three major styles - the 611, 711, and DH11. Best Byron putters IMO because they have the thinnest top lines, although it's all personal taste. All these old models are discontinued as mentioned (007, all the x11s, and others). But when Byron moved to Georgia a year or so ago, he found a box of 007 heads and that's what you saw on IG, FB, etc. I reference these at the top of this thread and have bought now 2 of these heads. They are carbon and "no-neck" (Byron will put on whatever neck you want), with slightly favorable
  5. Byron's 007 is more or less a "tweener" in terms of bumper rounding. You have the Newport style (rounded bumpers) and the Newport 2 style (flat bumpers). For Byron, the DH89 is the rounded bumper style (NP) and his 006 family is the flat bumper style (NP2). The 007 and 711 have a more gradual bumper curvature and sit in that space in between. Very unique putter as you can see from comments like Lamont's in this thread... Tai treatment is an extensive edge rounding that softens the look of the putter. It involves taking away all the hard edges (top, bottom, sides) as well as mo
  6. The one where a picture would be great to see is the DH11. Very rarely seen and extremely hard to find. Or a 711....
  7. They are mostly all very good choices if you know what you want (get fitted), communicate clearly (these custom builders are all busy), and are patient (they're craftsmen, not business people). I've owned all of them, from the "big guys" Cameron and Bettinardi, to the one-man-in-a-garage builders like Lamont (Mann), Lumpy (Xenon), Mills, Byron (Morgan), Lajosi, Piretti, Gauge, Ingles, Machine, Tad Moore, Kingston, etc., etc., to the new breed coming along now (Artisan, Toulon, SWAG, etc.). My personal favorite is BYRON MORGAN. Work directly with Byron, that's the best way to get
  8. Hey guys, thanks for the great comments. Very much appreciated!! Here's another putter for sale to add to this thread: Byron 612 in carbon steel with rincon neck and blue oil finish. I wasn't sure this was blue oil and pinged Byron on it. He called it "blue oil with natural aging"... Never heard or have seen one like this before, which kind of makes it unique. There are a couple pictures in the sun below to (try to) show the gray/blue effect. The indoor shots make it look blacker than it really is. Specs: putter is 350G head-weight, minimal offset on the rincon
  9. Picture?? Nearly all the Byron pipe necks I've got take straight .355 shafts. But the RINCON necks usually take a flare-tip shaft, which are harder to find and are I think .382 end diameter... Good luck
  10. T.P. Mills Flat-T is also sold. Thank you. Interesting (to me) that the Bettinardi - which I thought would be the most attractive putter and fastest to sell - is the one that is still left. Betti fans/collectors, where are you??
  11. Hey folks. Offering a few beautiful customs as part of a general clean-up. I am selling my last Bettinardi and T.P. Mills here (along with an extra Byron), and am going all Byron Morgan at this point. Here they are, all flow-neck, 34 inches long with Iomic mid-size (75g) grips: 1. Bettinardi BB8: Custom built by the Bettinardi Tour Department (no COA as they did not have the finish I wanted and I took it to BOS for that work) Carbon steel, high-gloss blue oil finish (see pictures). Headweight is 353 grams +/- as I recall Long pipe neck (3 inch) with kn
  12. Jmac, great B(ombora)-17. Don't see that many of those any more. I wonder how popular it's been for Byron since he rolled it out. Have you enjoyed yours? And it's also getting harder to find or see the other older models like DBCM (yours is pretty awesome), Channel Islands, even Epic Day. I guess the vast majority of the market is NP1/DH89 styles these days.... Or the big modern mallets like the Spider Keep the pictures coming folks. Happy to let this be a "share your new Byron" post
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