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  1. That's a beauty too. Nice to see you southpaws getting some of the good stuff!!
  2. It's a Softail, most likely carbon black ox as you say with a tig welded hosel (the red "T"). No idea what the "880" is. Might be something of significance to the original customer on this (it's clearly a custom). Nice overall example. You're right - not many in lefty out there. Good catch. Hope you love it.
  3. Loved my SSB Masonboro, the only example of this brand I owned. Hand-tweaked by Lamont. Very good feel (it is/was carbon). My nephew back east is using it these days...
  4. Yes it is. I am both awestruck and inspired. Time for another "family portrait" next time I get a chance to take some pics. JCL's Dakine pictured is a great flatstick. I'm still looking for a Dakine rockpile, regular or mini. Johnny Hines ("Scooterdog" over at PT - RIP) used to have one of those among his amazing collection of Byrons, Mills and others.
  5. I've seen a few Byron slant necks (but not many). There's one on eBay right now - a 611 redone that was not too long ago posted here - https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1817959-byron-morgan-611/
  6. Love them all, John. Great collection !!! Especially great to see those x11s (611, 711, DH11), my personal favorites....
  7. Not sure what David calls it, but it's a beautiful example of what I thought was called "fly-cut" milling or "fly-mill". I asked David for "fly-cut" about 3-4 years ago on this Flat-T (pictured), and you can see what came back.... @oneaugusta's Dalehead is great. Does he still call these "Traditions"? I'm so glad to see Mills still putting out great pieces.
  8. What a nice Softail!! Nice to see David still churning out these great putters... Beauty!!
  9. Very nice. I'm jealous. Always loved that head shape
  10. Have never seen nor heard of any - on this forum nor elsewhere. He did a few belly putters back in the day (center-shafted, I believe). You see one of these pop up from time to time. I assume they are heavier heads to account for the long shaft/counter-balance...
  11. Beauty. That twilight zone finish really looks good with the darker finishes. Keep your putts on the high side!!
  12. Second recommendation on Mike Biviano. I worked with him on the BB-8 listed in this older post. Also worked with him on a custom BB-40, so their range is very wide (blades, mallets, etc.) in terms of customization and tailoring to your needs. Good team over there in Chi-town. Not the cheapest, but the quality and service are definitely there in abundance. Good luck!!
  13. Very nice copper (plated?) 89. Sweet stamping and paint. Here’s my last Byron delivery for a while. A new 620 in brushed SS with mid-pipe. 3-line alignment as a new twist.... Not sure if I like the lines on this in white or in dark blue (see both below). Let me know what ya’ll think. Also, the 620 seems a bit “blockier” than the old 006s. Byron says it’s the same program, but sure seems a bit more square to me (???). Anyway.....
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